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Where would I start?? mmm…Egypt Vs. Morocco Match, sister was kinda frustrated for not finding any tickets to attend the game @ the stadium…fa inorder to make her happy, I promised her that we will have a blast watching it together @ home…thought this was something to cheer her up.
The game was about to start, Mom decided to watch the game with us just to have some fun watching us not the game itself ya3ni :)….we prepared hot drinks “shay belaban to be more specific”…and Peeeeeeeeep “referee whistle”…no wait a sec…before the Peeeeeeeeep, we had kinda an agreement..which is she is to support the Egyptian team…and I do the Morrocan, I liked the idea…thought it is super inventive… I mean…come on…the game won’t be interesting/exciting without two opposing cheerers. It took me a whiiiiiiiiiile…till I convinced her that this is essential for the match ambiance…was she convinced?!! no..but she decided to go with my idea inorder to watch the game in peace….”NOTE”…my sister doesn’t like watching movies, games, or whatever with me”…al eih..she claims eno I talk a lot or ask lots of questions…well, all are invalid claims “men fe2a mondasa” 😉
Well, conclusion ba2a…we had fun watching the game…it was real good, I forgot the Morocco-Egypt deal…and was kinda yelling at the Moroccan Goal Keeper who was DAMN GO-O-O-D.

Note to sis: Why on earth are we calling you “3azizaty el zogaza”…we should call you “3azizaty el resala” :p , just a little something that I noticed while talking with the girls yesterday “I am teasing you La la la la”.

* Misunderstanding 😉
While reading this post, sis was so surprised and was telling mom that am talking nonsense about her and dad….till she read further and found out that it is an excerpt…another incident bardo…when I met Wonderer we were talking keda, then she politely asked me about my father’s profession, she thought I mentioned something about fishing or so…fa I told her NO, we may have been to fishing trips….but he is not…he is an ex-millitary guy w keda…fa she laughed…and mentioned that she read the same post that confused my sister….and was so surprised, also she came up with very good questions :-)))…I should have put that “it is an excerpt from the book” in the title blank wala 7aga…not the tail of the post.

* Girls Outing “Maadi-Mohandeseen Adventure” 🙂
The deal was lunch around 12 fel Maadi…but it turned out late lunch fel Mohandeseen. How?? Came in yesterday and found a comment from Me telling me that she is coming to Cairo tomorrow “which was yesterday”…smsed wonderer to know the details as it was kinda early fa I didn’t want to woke her up. She called later and told me that Doshar & Me will go to the book fair then we all meet later. So, I then knew eno it won’t be lunch awi…fa told my boss that I might need sometime out today…but not sure when ya3ni w keda…fa he played me shwaya…then said it is ok 🙂

Had a call later around 2 keda from wonderer that the folks are not really willing to come to Maadi as it is quite far for all of them…fa how is Mohandeseen…since I freed myself all day for them…I had no problem…bas la2..there is a problem…I don’t know how to go from Maadi to Mohandeseen, the only thing I can do is that to go all the way back to Heliopolis…and start “men awel el kobry”…fa she said tayeb, go to Zamalek…will meet you there…then u can follow me. Fa cool. I left work…the traffic was grrrrr…unbelievable…then called her and asked if the way from Zamalek to Mohandeseen is quite easy so she can give me directions instead of coming all the way. Fa then I told her eno I am coming through el Giza w keda…fa she gave me directions on the phone till we met each other in front of the Shooting Club….Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay….I made it. woooh “quite an adventure ;-)”

Met the Girls @ Spectra…Doshar and Me were already there…Roura joined later. The whole thing was amazing…Doshar turned out to be a person with a constant smile as I thought, Me..with her pink sweater was easy to figure out “she laughed at my pink wallet..I guess she didn’t expect it :)” …cute and simple as expected bardo. Roura an extremely peaceful and kind person. Wonderer..I bet we were friends in our previous lives..seriously 🙂

We had so much fun talking and ordering food..tab3an due thanks for Wonderer who turned out to be an excellent marketeer “spectra/food related thing” :)) Bgad…thanks a lot for bearing my ignorance throughout the Egyptian Streets Adventure. At the end we had some photos and left the place..of course Wonderer’s great role continued with me “as I wanted directions tani to reach the 6th Oct bridge”…omal harawa7 betna ezay ya3ni :)…

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  1. Although I was there at the outing, but dunno why I was laughing hestirecally when I read your post. Maybe your way of writting, or maybe because you helped me to recall every single detail of yesterday’s adventure.

    I really enjoyed it so much and can’t wait to see you all next vacation isa, probably next August.

    Thanks a lot for everything,

  2. Noory,
    Concerning the match, isA I am going on Saturday and I guess u know why… 2walan because of your innovative idea concerning Morocco deal and yes u TALK honey a lot during movies or any interesting stuff that we watch together.
    As for the outing, I am glad you all had fun… I wanted to be with you but isA next time.
    In reply to your note: I am insisting on 3azizaty el zogaga… 🙂

  3. 😦 Seems I’m missing a lot out there. Glad you are all getting well together, and that you enjoyed your outings :))

  4. Wonderer:We should all thank you, as you are the one who brought all of us together aslan. I really enjoyed every minute…looking forward for your next vacation isa 🙂

    3azizaty el resala “fe2a mondasa”: hope you enjoy the game and of course you won’t find only once cute person like me coming up with innovative ideas..u will find thousands HON ;p…we wished you were with us to.

    Moon: we can call for another outing if you want 🙂

  5. I’m late I know :-/ but I just wanted to say it was wonderful seeing you … thanks for coming ya gameela … but I want to see the photoooooooooooooooos ba2a … I’ll send you an email so that you send me the photos .. okie dokie?

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