State of…….!!!

Published in: on January 30, 2006 at 9:13 am  Comments (9)  

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  1. Please don’t say that this is the state of your blog ,what’s going on Nerro?

  2. !!!!!!??????

  3. I can totally relate to that these days.

  4. Nermeen,
    Y3ny eh?!

  5. Nightlegend: as I told you, no it is not the state of my blog, yet i don’t feel like blogging.

    Eve: how r u cooping with it?!!

    Aladdin & NOur: Maybe an aggressive mood swing or so…I really don’t know.

  6. I can so relate you nerro. Every single day I contemplate closing shop, but then for some reason I keep going because, well, who can take over? I guess the day i find someone willing to take my place as malek el istefzaz in the blogsphere I will call it quits. Or maybe one day I just won’t care anymore to write.


  7. Come quits allowed…can’t even imagine the blosphere without you. mmmm…well, you can take a break or so, otherwise you r gonna be in trouble mister…will start a petition to get the SM back to blogging 🙂 for me I guess it is a swing keda…GEMINI ba2a…u definitely know better 😉

  8. I am going through the same phase Nerro, don’t feel like writting or talking!

  9. w ba3den it in the air or what…tayeb is gonna go eventually ya3ni…bas try to make use of it at least…

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