Yet, another sad story “Egyptian Ferry Sunk in the Red Sea”

Lots of dead bodies in the red sea waters, people are clinging to the very little hope that there loved ones might be alive..I can’t even think about how hard are these moments…pretty sad…”I believe our prayers would be of very help now”…

Now…back to the CNN report, Lloyd’s magazine David Osler said “These sorts of ships are famous for having stability problems” …”We can’t rule out anything at this stage.” “The ship, was involved in a collision in 1999”.

A company spokesman said the ship was certified to carry passengers until 2010 and was fully compliant with maintenance regulations.

Many question marks from my side????

“ena lelah w ena eleih rag3oon”

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  1. So thoughtful of you esp. in the ‘cup’ days!!

  2. thanks…but it is really devastating..can’t think of anything else…is it my imagaination that we are being of lesser value by time??

  3. allah yer7am the victoms and sooth their families.

    It is a disaster, I don’t know if the accident was due to neglectance or qada2 we qadar? They said that the ship was not allowed to sail in the European water due to lack of safety regulations on the ship. However, a spokesman said that it was fine to use it till 2010.
    God knows who’s right and who’s wrong?!!

    allah yer7amhom,

  4. Can’t relate to Qada2 w qadar, although tab3an it is God’s will “no question”. allah yer7amhom .

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