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“We told the crew, ‘Let’s turn back, let’s call for help,’ but they refused and said everything was under control,” said passenger Ahmed Abdel Wahab, 30, an Egyptian who works in Saudi Arabia.
Passengers began panicking, and crew members locked up some women in their cabins, Wahab and another survivor said, though many others being treated in Safaga hospitals Saturday said that was not true.

Shaaban el-Qott, 55, from Qena, Egypt, was looking for his cousin. He had been waiting at the port since Friday morning and spent the night on the street.
“No one is telling us anything. All I want to know if he’s dead or alive. We rely on God. May God destroy Hosni Mubarak!” el-Qott shouted to a reporter Saturday, referring to the Egyptian president. “This government was supposed to throw this ship away and get a new one.”

“It was like watching the movie Titanic,” said Sayed Abdul Hakim, a 32-year-old painter who worked in Kuwait. “None of the crew brought down life boats or even told us how to use them. I swam for three hours. Then I spotted a rubber boat and I climbed in. I stayed there for 18 hours. I felt I was a dead man.”

Another survivor, Nabil Taghyan, 27, said he saw the captain and crew flee in lifeboats.

“The captain took the first speed boat, even though he should go last,” Taghyan told The New York Times, according to its online edition Saturday.

Extracts from the CNN “Survivors describe panic on sinking ferry” .

Was speechless after reading the report…not that I wasn’t really expecting something like this…but the fact that people’s lives are becoming of lesser value is extremely devastating.

Well, my blog is closed for 3 days “mourning”.

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