Summing Up: after the “Mute” mood

– Try this. Eve tried it and wrote about it..and I did too, it is so much fun… tried like 4 pics, and here are some of the results…Halle Berry, Kajol, Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie, Shania Twain….but the common name in all four runs… guess who?? Bipasha Basu … oh boy…can’t complain ya3ni 😉 …ah forgot to mention this…I tried “someone’s” pic too :)) “tab3an you know who” and his results were Whoopi Golberg, Fred Hoyle, Orson Welles, and the Dalai Lama. TOLD YA it is a lot of FUN ;D

– Had a little something keda with “mas2ool el site” at the Culture Wheel ;)..yeah they call him keda “mas2ool el site”…why ba2a…coz I read Amr’s post about Cherine El Ansary, found that this event shouldn’t be missed ya3ni…fa cool will check el Saqia’s website to know the details w keda….I kept on checking everyday…wala ay 7aga khales, till Sunday which was the show day, I called them to check…fa they said yeah…it is on. On?? how come? I thought it is cancelled or something…it is not on the website khales. then they realized eno now I have to talk to the mas2ool…we talked shawaya…and he gave a lame excuse keda like eno he has problems keda in upgrading the site….mmm…is that your best shot buddy, wasn’t good enough;).

– Have you seen Mai Shediak last night on TV?? oh…Gosh…Gorgeous and super elegant as always…brave enough to brag with her injury…not really, but not hiding it at least. As if she wanted to say no matter what happened to me, am still there…and won’t surrender. That’s not clear enough, ok, let me start over…LBC aired the Murex d’or extravaganza last night, and Mai won the best journalist award for the year 2005. So they aired like a 2 minutes or less tape for her from Paris….Lady, although you had a big smile on your face…but you left me impressed and tearful at the same time. CHAPEAU.

– Found out that I didn’t mention anything about Imam El Shafie walk, it was OK, not one of the best walks, but eshta ya3ni…the place was serine enough..just seeing M there bugged me and screwed the day. Check out the photos. Speaking of outings, Will go on a one day trip to Wadi El Natrun on Saturday…should be a good day out, been there once like a couple of years ago, visited 2 monastries, and was kinda impressed with the architecture of one of them “can’t remember which one exactly”.

– For God’s sake whoever knows me..nothing irritates me as being BSed…. Be honest, direct, and to the point. Even if you hate me…I have not the tiniest problem in accepting this fact…it is OK, at least if I care about you I would give it a second thought and talk it with you, or otherwise I still would give you a sweet goodbye. That’s the way I percieve things, maybe not quite smart…but it is my way or ……………….

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  1. Imam el shafie walk? Huh?

    Speaking of such things, there is apparently a mooled in Egypt called moled seedy el shazly, and it happens once a year and is attended by 60,000 people. And it’s in the middle of the desert too. It sounds soo weird, I am dying to go and see it.

  2. Tab do you know when is this mooled?? never been to a mooled before, and dying to see one as well!!

  3. hehe, nice to see you tried it as well.. wow, Angelina? ya 3eini, ya 3eini 😉 what do u need the dalai lama for :p ?

  4. LOL :)) 3andek 7a2. What do you I need the dalai lama for 😉

  5. Nerro,

    Thanks for the info about Mai Shiddiaq. Wish I had seen her too. Am glad she is recovering.

    What an ugly world this is sometimes no?

  6. LOL.. same thing happened with me but with differnet events at the Sakia. I rely on the website, but I find out that there are some events that are not announced. Read about the same event on Amr’s blog, and thought I would like to attend it, but I had my cousine’s wedding on the same day. Did you go, how was it?!

    So, you are going to Wadi el Natroun trip 😀 wanted to, but I’m busy 😦 Wish you enjoy your day and tell us all about it with photos 😉

  7. Yeah Loul it really is, Hariri, Samir Kasir, Marwan Tweini…then Mai….that’s really sad. Was really glad to see her that day on tv.

    Moon:The performance was brilliant..bgad…I enjoyed it mooot. As for Wadi El Natrun would have loved to c u there…it was awesome….informative…and spiritual challenging kind of a day. Just came back an hour ago. will post the photos along with the details tom isa 🙂

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