Bubble Bubble Gum Drops

It is a beautiful day…rise and shine, dress up and go out with a big smile. Not only it is valentine’s day…but kaman it is raining….yaaaaaaaay.

I always love the atmosphere…it puts me in an excellent mood. Here at work, we usually get presents and stuff from our bosses, and the photo is for the present I came to find this morning on my desk. Every office is filled with either flowers or chocolates. Someother guys are going around the offices with indefinite number of Hugs and Kisses bags. Isn’t that beautiful.

So in return I went out shortly after showing up at the office, paid a little visit to the city baker and bought some stuff mostly berries tartlets and some other pastries…..came back, prepared hot tea and we all had a warm cozy breakfast at the boss’s office. I prepared a long list yesterday with lots and lots of romantic songs to play today…so music is here too 🙂

Is it my lucky day or what….the new ipod is already here “the only thing is that it just doesn’t come in pink…bas no problema…long live the skins :)))

Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day….It is really something to make someone’s day.

Hugs and Kisses :-x)

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  1. Hey ya Nermeena, 3la fekra ana hagy ashta3’al m3akom after graduation.. seems like a very nice place :PP

    At least I would get presents y3ny loool ..

    Happy Valentine’s ya banouta 🙂

  2. that gift looks mesmerizing! ok, now I’m jealous :p

  3. Happy V-Day Nerro, my blog is not ‘Danish’, eh?

  4. Nour: you just get done with the college and don’t worry about getting a job here 😉 Happy Valentine’s ya gamila

    Eve: Don’t be, it turned out that it is something I ordered online, and someone played me with :)))..but gotta tell, it made my day bardo “lol”.

    Alaa: why are you saying so!! I check your blog every now and then…and I read whenever u update it…bas enta el kaslan shwayten :))) Happy Valentine’s day to you 🙂

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