Someone is getting on my nerves, and I can’t talk about her 3ashan keda yeb2a gossip, so!!!! ah….she is killing me. I am trying to pretend that she is not around, but the fact is she is in front of me….grrrrrrr….I long to the days where Magued and Ahmed were my office mates…they were real fun and decent kaman…

Noticed that so many people are not really into celebrating Valentine’s day :)…well, let me put it this way, the fact that it is really irritating for singles doesn’t make it a bad day that have to be cursed…it is just like any other day, the only remarkable thing about it, is to make someone else’s day…see..it is as simple as this…and in my opinion…it worth the effort.

On a side note: Khaled Selim’s voice is really G-O-O-O-D, and he looks nice as well…if only he get himself a proper haircut….he might have the chance to make it to my list.

On another side note: the google chatting thing is super cool :)))

Ipod news: entertaining… it is really small and koko :)) I love it, and kaman I like the I-Tunes radio channels…

I am done with the articles of issue # 2 “as the lazy cat el howa ana didn’t manage to finish early enough for issue #1” for this magazine, am really excited about this experience, the whole thing is really nice. It is a monthly free of charge periodical, published in English language. The magazine will be in Cafes, cultural venues, Diwan, and Sakia for sure,etc. First issue should be on stands 5 March, looking forward to see how it is gonna look like.

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  1. I know! just discovered about google chatting yesterday, and I love it already 🙂

    Oh, single on Valentine! been so accustomed to it that it doesn’t bother me anymore. So, I just love the atmosphere of love & red & love & red etc… 🙂

  2. The atmosphere is always awesome…I love it 🙂 of course would be nicer with a company 😉

  3. I hate gmail chat. It’s like a trap or an ambush or something. It’s like when you block someone from your messenger, and they find you on gmail chat. Bastards.

    BTW, if you like gemeni stuff, u might like this:



  4. hmmm, good work on the blog

    not sure i agree with your views on v.day, my first post on my blog was about Valentine’s day and i have a different view shewaya,
    feel free to check it out and plz tell me what you think

    keep cool

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