It is Thursday….am”yawwn” so sleepy

I was actaully yawning…
Who said Thursday is a good day for business meetings? seriously, it is a sports day…u come to work do some little things….go out for lunch….then come back finish your reports…then IT IS THE WEEKEND!!!! The thing is I came to work this morning… before coming to work, I was dreaming eno it is Friday not Thursday, then mom woke me up, fa I realized eno Thursday…mm… is only one day w khalas. I decided to go for jeans to feel the essence of the “should have been” a sports day..

Came to work…checked the caledar…and “takkkkkkkkh”…a slap in the face…”extended staff meeting @ 9:30″….now what? should I go home and change or what??? fa boss popped inside the office at this very moment…and so that look on my face….

Boss: What are up to Nermeen?
Me: Nothing…I just came in and found out that we are having a big day
Boss: Are you ready?
Me: No….am even on casual
Boss: you know what….you are very confusing…
Me: come on J….am an opened book “laughs”
Boss: today you are wearing a red top, but in Valentine’s day all girls came in dressed in red, but you were putting on a black top…..moreover, I’ve never seen you before in black. Guess that was the only time.
Me: “thinking deeply”…I never came to work in black…positive?
Boss: Not really, but I can’t recall seeing you in black before that day.
Me: Weird…ha!!!
Well, at least he was taken in a totally differnet direction, and forgot about the dress-code violation 😉

I was totally blank during the meeting…thank God, I didn’t have much to say…but most of the time…I was in neverlands…..

Screw the mood….
Now I am ready to chock somebody…I am required to come up with a logic for a number related back to 1997…………

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