I am big big girl
in a big big world
It’s not a big big thing
if you leave me
but I do..do feel,
that I do..do will
miss you much….miss you much
I can see the first leaf falling
It’s all so yellow and nice
It’s so very cold outside
Like the way I’m feeling inside

It is so complicated….2 extremely contradicted feelings…and I am supporting one of them…and want it to take over…but the other one is struggling hard to get me down.

We have a very important visit today…the big guys are in the conference room since early morning…and they are gonna be there probably most of the day. Sonia called and said this is a perfect day out. What are we gonna do!!!! we didn’t feel like going up to the roof. So we decided to head to the Euro Deli…we actually had a very nice walk to the Deli…food wasn’t really good. but the atmosphere was amazing.

“Yu” left to the States a couple of weeks ago, as she is about to deliver her baby…she is being missed…her replacement is not really into doing anything other than talking in the phone…whenver we ask her if she would like to join in anything…she goes like no I have a phone call. Gosh….that’s a hell of phone call!!!

P.S: I gotta start looking for a new job. A new thing… something that would add to me..

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  1. 2 extremely contradicted feelings… hmmm.. go with the one you least like… you’ll hate yourself but at least you’ll be safe.

    P.S. you have no idea how much I despise this advice!

  2. 🙂 It is the safest way..yes..I totally agree. Still annoying.
    “you have no idea how much I despise this advice!” :))) I understand.

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