Behind those eyes there is pure evil

– Not the perfect weather for a weekend, especially with my allergy…I gotta avoid going out. But isn’t it early for such weather??? I mean I would expect the yellow sky sometime mid March…but not end of Feb. Mesh 3arfa?? it didn’t help the mood getting any better.

– Yesterday woke up with cramps in different parts of my body…and a severe headache. The thing is I committed myself to a course with “him”…and it is supposed to take place next week. Was in between the two things…should I or shouldn’t I??? I wanted to do the course coz simply, the guy is really good at what he is doing…I like his style, and wanted HIM to teach me 3ashan keda. Also, didn’t want to screw his work ya3ni…if am out, the whole thing will be blown off…fa doesn’t sound really good. Had a good talk with wonderer, and after talking the issue…I sent him a message apologizing for not being able to do the course. Felt way better after doing that. I want to knock off this whole thing…and seeing him would trigger lots of irrelevant/incoherent thoughts and feelings. The funny thing ba2a when wonderer asked me to name 3 good things about him…fa I was like a)…..mmmm… fa she said you can’t even mention one good thing ya nerro….replied eno there were lots of good things…but he is not the same, fa I can’t state them.

– Off with his head “mesh awi”…let’s talk food ba2a 🙂
Am so hungry…what would I have for lunch!! want a tasty double cheese burger…with extra cheese….and I mean a reeeeeaaal tasty thing…don’t know where would I get one…don’t feel like McDonalds, or Hardee’s…tab where else?? I wonder why did they close Arby’s…they used to have the best baked potatoes ever “whenever the word potato is mentioned I do the potato/potuto thing from the wedding planner” makes me laugh…used to love the one with mushrooms and cheese…oh God…am starving.
I am trying to have a late lunch…as I have this photography lecture given by one of my colleagues @ Mohandeseen 6ish…and would last for like couple of hours or so. Nahh..crap…just got off the phone…ordered Pizza.

– The war or words…check the Stewart-Trump clash. Ouchhhh

-Memoirs of a Geisha is already out in the movies…wanted to go in the weekend. Sister brutally refused to go with me….for some sort of misconception from her side….she claims eno I talk a lot. Besides eno “ede3a2 kazeb” kaman…hypothetically if it is correct…fa this should be cool could someone stays silent for a couple of hours…Booooooooooooring. I’ll go on my own…wala yehemeni ;p

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  1. No Honey, we will be going to watch the movie together isA.
    And yes you TALK, but I will manage :).

  2. lama nshof…you have till the end of the week…w kad az3ar man anzar :)xxx

  3. This post has been removed by the author.

  4. Ya Nerro mesh konty t2ooly tayeb enek u wanna go?!

    I went 2 the movie in Stars yesterday.. LOVED it bsara7a.. You’ll enjoy it akeed ISA 😉

    Y3ny.. there was smthg that I didnt like abt the ending.. I dunno what specifically is it.. bas the movie is great all in all.

    Tell me b2a, mesh hanshoof syadtek y3ny orayeb wla eh el nezam 😛

  5. I don’t think you’ll have the chance to talk in the movie. It was breathtaking, I couldn’t afford losing a scene 😉

  6. Nour: I’ve sent u an e-mail, check it out 🙂

    Evo: Everybody is saying so…now ana metghaza…and want to go awi:(

  7. ana metghaza aktar menek. I am dying to see the movie. I loved the novel, but there is no chance to see the movie I guess.

    BTW, it is good to talk during the movie, but it is better if you keep your comments for the 5-minute break between the movie in order not to drive your sister mad:))

  8. Wonderer: the movie is amazing…bgad I liked it awi..and I didn’t talk 😦 “kteer” 😉

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