Sorta…about me ;-)

1- Like watching movies in dark rooms with a big bowl full of pop corn on my lap.
2- Like cartoons, I believe Beauty and the Beast + Anastasia are the best romantic movies ever.
3- Love cotton candy, was deprived from eating it when I was young though.
4- Like reading, I tend to classics most of the time, but I usually check what’s new in the market.
5- Like driving around Heliopolis Friday mornings, turn on the cassette, and I’m at the top of it.
6- Like all spicy food, started to have this allergy thing bas cool ya3ni, a Telfast tablet works fine.
7- I can make a big deal of out nothing…and can easily drive others crazy…
8-Like to have my dessert before eating the main dish, coz I don’t like to keep the sweety taste.
9-Like pink , I mean, check out my wardrobe.
10-Like strawberry, coconut, kiwi, and chocolate shower gels and body lotions.
11- I am super obsessed with my weight…although am underweight.
12- I wish I have Teri Hatcher looks.
13- Don’t like fruits in general, but gotta eat them anyways, my all time favourites are Strawberries and Mango.
14- Don’t like being late for any appointment, and hate when people say let’s meet up at 5 and you know they mean 5:30 – 6.
15- Don’t like swimming in the sea, prefer swimming pools, ah…babalbat bas.
16- Don’t like the way my mouth look, tried hard the braces thing, but can’t get myself to do it.
17- Don’t like…may be puppies but have to be super cute, can go with cats, and love parrots.
18- Don’t like when I get real down or depressed…oh God, disaster.
19- Hate break-up lame sentences.
20- Love vine leaves….I can easily eat the whole thing…just don’t forget the yoghurt.
21- Although I am not into dessert and sugary stuff….but can’t resist my favourite creamy topped basboosa….my uncle says eno I am “baladi awi” for this one 😉
22- Seafood :)))) I don’t like fish awi….but shrimps are the best…calamari ya3ni. Don’t like lobesters or any other sea kinda freaky creatures!
23-, I support the claim that ancient Egyptians found the secrets of levitation, hence built the Pyramids the same technique used by Edward Leedskalnin the builder of the Coral Castle in Florida, it is the only logic that such ancinet people with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons!”
24- I believe Cinderella is stupid, and Morgiana is a serial killer.
25- I stare at people or things when there is something strange/catchy.
26- I am a hell of a moody person.
27- Can be a real pain in the neck.. Can’t translate this one in English but I am literaly “7o2na” when I want something.
28- Some close people know am an extraterrestrials fanatic..and I wish I can get abducted by aliens…
29- am not really into dramtic realities…which doesn’t mean I am not admitting their presence, it is just I am not into dramtic moods.
30-I wanna have a a tiny butterfly tattoo behind my left shoulder “like the one in a walk to remember the movie”.

My all time favourite men list: “the list is based on physical appearence only”
1- George Clooney
2- George Clooney
3- George Clooney
4- Brad Pitt & Tom Cruise “before the jumping scene on lady O’s couch”
5-Pierce Brosan

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  1. Sweetie, it’s so much true … I couldn’t help laughing. You know my opinion “ you’re the kindest person on earth” begad, you are a lighthearted, you love simple things, you never like any thing that causes any slight harm to any creature.
    And yes you have this two unjustified obsessions about your weight and apparently you love braces.
    you also look somehow like “Teri Hatcher”, but you are not a pain in the neck, you are just very responsible and protective.
    I do object on “I believe Cinderella is stupid, and Morgiana is a serial killer”. 7ad ye2oul keda ? 🙂
    One more thing honey, I think your list is placed upside down, it should have started with “Pierce Brosnan”
    You are the best sister begad ya Noory, I am very previllaged. God bless you.

  2. just dropped by to say HELLO.

    BTW, I really loved our chat yesterday. Looking forward to repeat it soon isa.

  3. beauty & the beast is my favorite cartoon movie; I started to hate Brad and Tom after leaving their wives :p Clooney is still the best till now & i can relate with 7-14-15.. 🙂

  4. 9- Like pink , I mean, check out my wardrobe.

    You know I am shopping a lot these days; everytime I see anything pink, I murmur: Nerro would love this, I even say it when I’m with Ezabi :)))

    11- I am super obsessed with my weight…although am underweight.

    Super obsessed? I don’t see you limit yourself from any kind of food, hmm? I wish I have your weight keda 🙂

  5. Dear message in a bottle “lol”: eih el kalam el kbeer da…thanks a lot poosy cat…we ba3den as for Morgiana and Cinderella..yeah…I can’t stand both of them…and u know i have a long list on this aslan, bas ya3ni. Bossy ya benty take my advice 3ashan mosta2balek..CLOONEY IS FOREVER # 1 ;-0. Love you sweetheart.

    Wonderer: yaaaaaaaaaay…am glad to see ur comments back in the blog…it really made my day…As for our chat the day before…was awesome…and yeah isa will do it more often…

    Eve: Yeah…I have the same issue with Brad and Tom…still don’t have the nerve to exclude them from the list :)btw…no # 7 is sometimes loads of fun 😉

    M&Ms: miss you ya 3arousa…LOL..and you have the pink thing kaman ya I usually don’t deprive myself from anything I wanna eat…bas the minute I see like extra 500 gm on the scale…I go nuts 🙂

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