The Stigma

A: Why don’t you help me find a bride!!
B: Well, come on.. be rational, if you feel like attracted to someone, why don’t you ask her
A: I don’t have any inclination to someone in particular, I know you all, and you all seems like good life partners…I mean…I would be considered a lucky guy if I married any of you.
B: I don’t think anyone of us would take you as a husband…we would all despise the method you take in getting married. Anywayz!!
A: Ok…but still who would you recommend.
B: I know you have a crush on “….”
A: yeah…I wanted to propose to her but I found out that her parents are divorced
B: so??!!
A: No….don’t like the background
B: “……”
A: Hello…She was married before
B: How is “……..”
A: She had a boyfriend and I want someone with no such experiences
B: So “….” is good enough I think
A: No….she doesn’t know her head from her feet.
B: Ok…why not “……”
A: and how old is she!!
B: “…..” is beautiful and so kind
A: remember…her father died like 15 yrs ago, and she lives with her mom in their apartment…fantasize how the neighborhood would be thinking of them!!
B: that’s it….knock it offff…you are screwed ….man!!!

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  1. is there an body still think this way that was shocking. poor guy

  2. Argghhh.. that is so annooooying!

  3. new kid: unfortunately there are a lot of guys who still think this way….

    Eve: yeah…big time

  4. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  5. Grrrrx2 ya Emi.

  6. B: What about “…” ?
    A: You are joking she is not my religion/nationality!
    B: But what about “…” ?
    A: Go away, she is crazy she used to go to a psychiatrist!
    B: “…”
    A: She smokes/drinks/vegan!
    B: “…” would be a great match
    A: she wears a hijab/she is not veiled
    B: I think “…” will suit you best
    A: No she is so fat/ugly/thin/short/tall/old/young/etc..

    You see the process you are describing is in itself flawed. Even if I am the most liberal person on earth and I can forgive for any of what the society considers a stigma. Prejudice is inevitable.

    Getting married is not grocery shopping.

  7. OMG.. I guess he is better to keep unmarried!

  8. MoonL: I totally agree..

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