Sometime back in June

I had this new white bulletin board, and we were online talking and doing all that good stuff. Fa I went like ok, now send me something that I would put on my new board…he did, sent me something he is a quote keda that he came up with and I really liked it…and since then it is on my board.

Iis still there…the only thing left from the good old days..I stood in front of it this morning, and I was like…should I take it off…or??

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  1. No don’t take it off. Keep the good things. Throw out the garbage.:)

    Just felt like saying that because I’ve been there & I threw out the good things after the bad & now I regret it.

    This is my first comment on a blog other than mine in a couple of weeks. So you have the honors.:)

  2. ok…I won’t bas 3ashan khatrek enti bas…come on ya3ni :)) am honored ya Loulou begad…really glad to see ur comment here..

  3. been there too. except that I took off and hop.. in the garbadge! no regrets 🙂

  4. oops! garbage.

  5. I’d say don’t take it off.

  6. welcome back ya nerro, seems I didnt come over here for ages, bas b4 taking it off, or keeping it, we need 2 know what is it?! I mean the quote!

  7. mmmm…mesh 3arfa…I will go on Sunday and see how I feel about it. Alaa will share it with you in an e-mail, can’t post it here. sorry 🙂

  8. Take it off ya Nerro,
    But before taking the memories off your board you have to take them off your mind first. They are just causing you stress and headches.

    Sorry, if I am too harsh on you but you know how much I care dear.

  9. I know you care my dear walahi, and you are right…but it is just this thing is in front of me every morning, fa it is kinda weird

  10. Only you can say ya Nerro… take it off or leave it … depends on what it makes you honestly feel deep deep down inside…

  11. i don’t want to listen to that deep deep down inside ya meme 🙂

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