Wish you were here

This is no more than my weekend song….I kinda played it more than 50 times in the past 2 days…it is not Pink Floyd’s one…it is Bliss’s from Siddharta: Spirit of Buddha Bar. Last night I was supposedly reading “Geisha” again…yep…”baba khashab w mama maya” as wonderer likes to call it ;-), ah…speaking of which…I discovered that my element is EARTH… Back to the original point, I caught myslef gazing into the page for like 15 minutes, the only thing I did during this period was rewinding the song.

My weekend was ok, but I just did nothing at all, only went out for like 10 minutes on Friday…to drive Grandma to and from our place, as we had this family gathering on Friday…for me this is pretty weird…I usually can’t stay at home doing nothing…but I don’t know…I just felt like it. The strangest thing ba2a is that I woke up tearful yesterday…which is again totally not me…don’t know why…but I guess it was a dream I had this night…can’t remember it at all, but I remember that I woke up murmuring “I love you”…I felt it coming out of my lips when I woke up, as if someone was pushing me to say it…don’t know, can’t remember…

From today till the 13th I have this photography workshop…”The Outskirts, non-places, urban areas Workshop with Eva Bertram and Andreas Rost” it is organized by the Goethe Institute and The Contemporary Image Collective (CiC). I was looking forward to this one, I submitted my samples a week ago, but just received the acceptance notice this morning…very very short notice…but I have no problem what-so-ever.

Eih kaman…mmm..nothing, I was just in the middle of something…but thought of having a little break 🙂

Batman is gay!! that’s what George Clooney stated in last night’s Barbara Walters 25th Oscar Special….in reply to her question if he would ever play a gay cowboy!!!

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  1. wish u were here….
    is it related to ur article??!!
    is it the song??!!
    or just thought in ur mind??!!
    i,m just wondering….
    N.B:my weekend was strange too…………:)

  2. it is just the song…it has a strange effect on me

  3. How I wish, how I wish you were here.
    We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
    Running over the same old ground.
    What have you found? The same old fears.
    Wish you were here.

  4. well, this song is fantastic the music & the Lyrics are awesome.. its very influencing.

  5. and subhan Allah.. ana lessa 7alan wana ba2ra ur blog kont basm3ha..
    Nice blog BTW

  6. Thanks a lot 🙂 glad u liked the blog. As for the song…I don’t know…It is kind of an addiction or something…I listen to it almost twice or more everyday.

  7. Some of you konw the lyric of wish you where here performed by Bliss? also the english part is ok ^^
    thx a lot

  8. i need the lyrics from the song wish you were here from buddha bar
    please send them at serliv@mail.com
    thank you very much.

  9. Hi i was searching through the net, and i was looking for the lyrics of the song “wish you were here” and i found a link to this page 🙂
    and i found so many people here interested in the same thing, so please if u have it, send it to me. i’ll be more than happy if u did 🙂
    and here is my email: Salma@mail2world.com


  10. Salma, will sure do whenever i find them.

  11. hello , here you can found words this song , i love it too 🙂

  12. hello everyone,and i ask for same thing,i wish to find words from that song i would like,because i listen that song every single day and night, if someone have words pls send me on this mail branapavlov@yahoo.com thanks alot

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