A week ago:
N: Hello!!
Papa: How are you Nonos
N: Papa…am good el7amdolelah…
Papa: Grandma and Uncle are already here or not yet?
N: No they are here….yallo don’t be late..
Papa: ok…but let me ask you this first, why is your car parked infront of the bldg??
N: Coz I brought grandma…and am pretty lazy to park it behind the bldg…fa thought I would keep it there till I drive grandma back!!
Papa: Ok….but don’t do this again, coz you would easily get a ticket for it…

Today during a family gathering…”which was quite embarrassing”

Papa: Nono…is taking a ticket for parking infront of the bldg becoming a Friday tradition or what!!
N: No pa..again…I thought I would better drive grandma first then park mara wa7da…
Papa: listen….I have no problem if you had to pay 300 pounds for this coz am not is not the money…it is just why?? what’s the problem in parking in a proper place!!
N: Papa… much did you pay for traffic violations this time!!
Papa: was supposed to pay 600…but it has been reduced to 300
N: “in a sarcastic tone”….I paid 25!!!!

The conversation was kinda tough…although I can never call dad a tough/stiff guy “when it comes to us”… he shifted the conversation to a very funny direction then…it is always the way he ends our conversations…he intensely hits his point…and when we reach this “unbelievably pleasent moment”…he goes to a funny part…and stays there….it is ok…but you know. It is SO fine to have a ticket…it is ok to hit your car coz something caught your attention….it is ok to get ripped off at the traffic departemt, there is a lesson out of all this…you would probably get something. I mean my parents knows quite well, eno I can even reach the 3rd dimension all by myself…but they still like to feel that I need directions!!!

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  1. I remember when I left you the parking place in front of Spectra (3ala sabeel el adab ya3ni), I kept revolving around the place to find a parking spot then I saw you standing in front of the restaurant with your car double parked and the space I left for you was still vacant:)) I thanked God nobody else took the place or else I would have killed you:))

  2. :)) yeah…remember…but I never understood bardo, why didn’t I park in this empty spot?!!! anywayz..ya Roro ya gamila..I am glad my dad doesn’t read this blog…this would be like “double trouble”..triple in this case 😉

  3. LOL 😀

    I think it’s always this way…when u break the rules u usually get away from it , when u follow them there’s always someone who tells u “u missed something” and punishes ur for imperfection!

  4. yeah :)) and this is kinda

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