Yoooohooo….I got my blog fixed..Kinda screwed it up last Thursday and wasn’t really sure what the hell went wrong…tried every-possible-thing but never worked, now that I was playing a bit with the settings…it is working :))

Didn’t sleep well last night, and was supposed to wake up early this morning, as I had a walk…oh my…it was darn good….been to El Mensesterly palace, Nilometer, and Oum Kalthoum Museum….crossed the bridge…and here we go….alleys and really small streets…but amazing…and here I am not acting like a “tourist”…it was really awesome….it is like when I was telling that friend of mine during the walk…it is amazing how people can adapt themselves to the surroundings…noone has any problem in anything I guess….we visited a couple of mosques “sa3i el ba7r” and Mohamed el Soghayar “not the hairdresser”…actually he is Mohamed the son of Abu Bakr El Sedik. Lots of tales and facts…it is just you never know which is which…it is like you have an idea about something…but the people of this place would give you hundred stories about the place!!! and you start like…could this be true?? wrote down lots of points that I got to some research on…this should be interesting…I am looking forward to have sometime and start going thru all of the points that was mentioned today….that at one point of time Cannibalism spread among the citizens of “Fustat”….true?? no??? will find out.

Another interesting thing that I really wasn’t expecting at all, was that Om Kalthoum had a REALLY small feet….always seeing her in movies and on stage as one big lady…maybe coz she was a bit fat or so, that’s why I had this impression…but today when I saw her shoes…I was like “no, this couldn’t be…these are size 35 or 36 max…could never ever be 37. I loved this one two, they showed like a 20 minutes documentary…that I didn’t watch till the end…honeslty wanted to go around the museum, her wedding dress was loaded with pearls I think, and some other stones, that you would go like “oh gosh…not a mm without a stone”…wish there are lots of these museums…going thru personal stuff…would give you a good feel of the person.

The Nilometer dome from inside amazed me, will post the photos soon so you can get what am talkig is tremendously neat. After that we headed to city stars for late lunch and movies.

Ok…how do I feel these days?? well,am pretty much ok…it is just yesterday someone sent me sms to go somewhere today ….and I said am sorry can’t do it 3ashan Workshop thing w keda. Today smsed again, “would have loved to see you”…and am like “me too bgad…it is just this WS”. All is ok…it is just am so much afraid of any confrontation….it is like that other time…the minute I feel he is somewhere is like I had a hard bite from a cross-eyed water snake…fa it is just to ok to keep the low profile mood a little.

I am taking tomorrow off ;p the thing is my to do list is not that full these days…boss is out of country….annoying replacement been on vacation…the good one is around…fa why not pamper Narnoura shwaya…need at least to get my hair done…didn’t get it dry even once this week, although all complimented the look, but actually it is too early for the undried curly hairstyle.

A: you are a liberal, no??
B: am a communist!!!
A: since when/why?
B: I look hell good in red 😉

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  1. thank u for commenting on ma comment in ur post(acouple of day off).my hands get tired of writing but no comment from u….any how no problem
    mmmmm…mohammed elsoghayar….very strange historical character…osman killing…ali fighting…really strange

  2. Ayman…I might be a good reader…but I am not as good in commenting ma3lesh :))

  3. okey

  4. I’ve been only once to El Menesterly palace, but it was enough for me to fall in love with the place. Haven’t been into Oum Kalthoum museum.

    Was thinking today that I need to take one or two days off.. I need to pamer myself as well, and have sometime to think.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  5. yalla..go ahead and take is TREMENDOUS FUN 🙂 you have the most beautiful one ever

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