I always wanted to take a photo for a butterfly….man…this is so darn hard. So when I was out this Sunday…found this bee going from one flower to another….fa I thought…wow…cool ya3ni…if I can’t get a butterfly…I have a chance with the bee I guess. So if you were to choose…would you like to be a butterfly or a bee??

I embrace emerging experience.
I participate in discovery.
I am a butterfly.I am not a butterfly collector.
I want the experience of the butterfly. “William Stafford”

There are many ways of binding by which one can be dominated and controlled in this world, but the bond of affection is the strongest. For example, take the case of the humble bee which, although expert at piercing hardened wood, becomes caught in the embrace of its beloved flowers (as the petals close at dusk). “Chanakya”

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  1. Lovely ya Nerro… w el7elw kamaan enno the flower is yellow… I don’t know why I like bees on “yellow” flowers in particular 🙂 Nice shot

  2. well…btw..I have the same inclination…for no obvious reason bardo!!! now what…we are pink fanatics..and like bees on yellow flowers…WEIRDOS 😉

  3. 🙂
    Nice pics..speaking of weirdos , i had the thought of having a butterfly at home (as a pet) but of course that can’t be!! but i love watching them.

    If i to choose, i’ll definetly would love to be a butterfly..lovely , light , free, beautiful :).

  4. LOL….join the club :))bas you would be the head of it….m3adeya ya rain :)) butterfly as a pet!!!! fakra Lina fel motazawegoon :)))

  5. Nice shots Nerro, I impressed:)

    As for your question, what would I choose, to be a butterfly or a bee, and you said before that you want to be an Alien, here is my answer.

    I got it by e-mail and wanted to share it with you, maybe you choose this solution:)

    “In this life I’m a woman. In my next life, I’d like to come back as a bear. When you’re a bear, you get to hibernate. You do nothing but sleep for six months. I could deal with that.

    If you’re a bear, your mate Expects you to wake up growling. He Expects that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat.

    Yup, gonna be a bear”

    So, is a bear ok for you?:))

  6. I love yellow flowers! so full of life and summer times 🙂
    a butterfly? I don’t know… it’s a beautiful creature, but only living for a short time? nah
    a bee on the other hand is all about work, oh… and stinging “bad” people…
    I guess I’ll have a mixture of both 😉

  7. Lovely photos ya Nerro.. I like the combination of bees and yellow flowers as well. Very nice.

  8. Wooh bear “as in pooh bear” aka Wonderora: Enty kaman should join the WEIRDOS club :)) lol…bear works tab3an given all the mentioned reasons…yeah why not..super antakha w keda 🙂
    ps: you are too slim to be a bear…think of something else 😉

    Eve: a mixture ya tama3a :)) bas cool bardo…bas that’s kinda weird bardo..don’t u think.

    Moon: thanks a lot dear…I used to think that bees have inclinations to yellow flowers only..but I realized eno they just look better with yellow 🙂
    btw…you turned out to be the only 3a2la fina..

  9. I loved the flowers ya Noory but u know yellow isn’t my favorite color.
    As for Z B, well I can never be a bee nor a butterfly but I kinda saw myself as a bear (thanks to Wonderora for enlightening me about how cool a bear can be). but I am a Gemini, might feel bored. so, here it is… a Deer, to be more specific a Fawn, they look nice, they are wild, they can run and swim. works for me, however there is one problem … santa wel bahdala fel christmas 🙂

  10. Nesrina: LOL…tab3an this is super bahdala during christmas time…and Santa is pretty tough…although he looks like a very kind guy…but you know…el shoghl shogl…plus his logic is you just do nothing except watching the grass grow during the whole year…fa it is time to work hard w keda 😉

  11. Nerro,
    I was laughing aloud when I read both your comment and Nesreena’s:))

    I guess a fawn is ok, you only have to work one month per year, to be specific it is only one night. Maybe it takes you a week of shopping before the chrismas eve, however, this is an elf job.
    So your job will one be for delivering the staff one the xmas eve. Afterall, it is better than el bahdala ely enty fiha delwa2ty.
    I say go for it:))

  12. Nothin to say but..

  13. thank you very much dear 🙂

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