A lovely morning stroll

Maybe it is not the most suitable morning for doing it, sun started rising with a promise of a hot day to come…. but it is early enough not to feel the heat, suuny yet coolish. So I went out….. walked to the German baker…. had a cup of coffee and a donut…then a piece of pizza to go…”yep…I eat my dessert first”…that I thought I ‘d eat in my way back to work…but no…I don’t want to go back to work…I enjoyed yesterday’s walk…so why not go for a second run today…I have food, music, and above all the mood to do it.

One of the things I love about Maadi is that you can do anything…noone will stare at you…or screw “whatever u r doing”…I started eating my pizza..played Buhhda bar playlist…instead of the random one….until I reached the corniche…spent sometime there…watching people coming and going..only one felluca was in action. If I only have enough time and my camera…I would’ve gone for one….. finished my coffee then decided to go back….wonder if N called this morning to check on yesterday’s assignment!! ha…will see and even if….I really was in bad need to do this. Although I just did it yesterday :)) but since am a morning person, fa evening strolls to me are good, but early morning strolls are the best. Debated the idea of stopping a cab in my way back…then found myself walking…so let it be!!!

“Oh…my…that was a heck of a stroll”…that’s what I realized when reached my office…If you know Maadi quite well, then you will understand it is quite a WALK from Rd. 200, to Rd. 9…head to the Corniche…then all the way back! But I really liked it…came back full of energy…”as if I have any problems with it already ;-)”…and ready to work “not really…but have to ;-)”.

Apparently am still hungry…or to be more precise “tafsanana”…yep…”nefsy awi f ta3meya sokhna to7fa…mesh ay ta3meya…I want the one with sesame on top…and a bit hot keda…the best ones I used to ate in Alexandria…but it’s been a while since I enjoyed eating ta3meya 7elwa”.

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  1. 🙂
    I love these “alone” strolls..very thrilling, but i prefer to do that at night.

    Ironically both u and ur sis had the same stroll and posted about it on the same day 🙂 .

  2. :)) strolls are awesome…good or night. yeah…after all we prove to be twins…mesh keda w keda. You know this la2enaki 3ala bab el game3 story?? we used to adopt this story for the difference between us…but so many things proves that we are REAL twins :))

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