So I SMSed M inorder to invite him to the exhibition…after all 3eib ya3ni…or that’s why I thought “seriously…I am in bad need to a brain and heart transplant”…anywayz…here is my message:

“I would like to invite you to the Egypt Photographers exhibition from 17-28 March, opening 7 pm@ studio 206. Looking forward to see u there”.

Here is his reply:

“Are u participating?? I attended an exhibition for this group before, and it was TERRIBLE”.

How sweet and encouraging???

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  1. Thank him for me .. he is niceeeeeeeeee awiiiiiiiii

    I got offended personally here, because the exhibition he means is mine, which took place last year, and it wasn’t terrible at all!

    I remember him watching the photos and 3adi ya3ni .. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Mesh tay2ah ba2ah!

  2. I am in bad need to a brain and heart transplant… ENty keda gebty mel 2a7’er.. we all do need that!!!

  3. Emi: am terribly sorry…don’t know how to apologize…I shouldn’t have mentioned this aslan…but I didn’t know u were there…walahi. I am sure the exhibition wasn’t terrible at all…i am dead sure tab3an….u know I got the photography thing from you and Galal at the first place…so how come it was terrible…it is just the ego of someone sometimes prevents him from admiting things are REAL GOOD. Am sorry again.

    Batabeet: yeah…i know that’s what we need the most 🙂

  4. hmmm… well, if this was the exhibition i think you mean, then i went last year as well and it was really nice… i mean like any other thing, akeed there were good and bad stuff, but i liked a LOT of what was there.. and so did a couple of friends who were with me (yasmine is one of them ya Eman)…
    w ba3dein as we all know, some people are incapable of saying something good about others 😉

  5. Sorry, Nerro, but this seems to be ‘the way of the world’!!! Hope you can understand what I mean…

  6. Nag: exactly right you are 😉
    Aladdin: It is ok…will adjust…3adi ya3ni

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