* Given the radical weather change…for me this is more than enough. I mean rain…thunder…lightning….how cool is this?? it is awesome….a mood booster..although it took me forever to go back home last night…yet I enjoyed the journey. The day wasn’t one of my best days at work…as boss came back to work on Sunday…and I wasn’t ready for him at all…my weekend was super busy…so I was like..”I need a weekend ba2a”…still he was off for a month…so he came back full of energy and eager to work “weird” who would?!! said something like…that he reminds me of the Energizer bunny with brand new batteries ;-)) he laughed…well, my intentions were not for him to hear that at all as I was mumbling, after all I still need my job.

After a heavy late lunch… went to get my photos from the exhibition as it was the last day….and here was the “sorta” irritating part…there was that t.v. director who asked me for like 2 times at the opening to gave him 10-15 minutes, “w ya reit law 20” if I want…bas I politely apologized. I found this guy @ the studio yesterday…and he was like…akhiran…yalla ba2a…I will dedicate a whole episode for you…let’s give it a try…and if you didn’t like it will call the whole thing off “said the director. So I tried to tell him, how tired, and not ready I am…he insisted, insisted, and kept on insisting…so I sharply said eno…listen, am an amateur, and still learning aslan… plus the fact that am not into media hype and all.During this time…we knew that it is pouring in the outside…so I started to collect my stuff…thought it would be a long joyful ride…most people would think it is not…but for me…a long ride in heavy rains…is one of the most beautiful things in the world….dropped by Green Mill to get some coffee…then changed my mind to Cappucino with caramel sauce…and a brownie…I assumed the traffic would be awful…so why not!!! Wanted to stroll around Heliopolis though and have some ice cream…but it was already too late…and Mom was freaked out big time…so I just went home.

W…is a very nice girl who joined the company almost a year ago…beautiful, cheerful, dynamic…full of life kind of person….”good for her”..with one of her hands amputated from the elbow…well, I know many people would live with scars and stuff…but what I really admire is her spirit..oh my….she is unbelievable…she is an energy booster….between her horrendous workload and the pregnant boss..u would never see a glimpse of a a frown on her immeasurably devoted to whatever she is doing..helpful…with a loud chicky laugh…it is not that she is faking it…she is really so comfortable with the person she is….she knows how much I like and repect her…altough we never talked about that “calrification below”…we usually laugh our heads off…until we feel like throwing up πŸ™‚

Clarification: I am an easy to figure out persona…meaning…if am not genuinely interested in a person…I would show that…not that I would do it deliberately…but it just shows on me effortlessly….now it doesn’t mean exactly that I adopt the “Ms. Rude” attitude just for the fun of it….it is just I go neutral.On the other hand…let’s see if I like someone….yeeeeee…it is like I would take all his/her dumped shit “excuse my indian”….not only that…but I would easily come up with gazilion excuses to justify the shit…eventually…bakhod 3ala demaghi fel akher…..

I woke up happy as it is Thursday….”happy Thursday ;D”….came to work….found something that made me even happier… it is almost the end of the day fa am the happiest person ever “wink..wink”. For whatever reason SOME people are trying their best to twist the mood…bas noooo..bardo mafish fayda πŸ˜‰ na… πŸ˜›

* wanted to drink something different…so I went down to the market..and bought some green canned something…it is a coca-cola product…that I am cluless what on earth would it be….am drinking it right now…tastes a bit weird….meddi 3ala dawa ko7a shwaya…but ok.

Whenever I see you…feels like I need an ice breaking puppet…it is not that I don’t usually know what to do in such instances…but we are neither close friends…nor lovers to be…we don’t even have common friends…tab…what is it all about!!!!!!!!! I really can’t understand you at all….hundered question marks here. Can’t stop laughing when I think about having a puppet popping out of nowhere in the middle of a boring date…. naaaaaaa…that’s probably the green stuff talk πŸ˜€

“It’s because I like you, I don’t want to be with you. It’s a complicated… emotion” Marlin

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  1. hi
    welcome back missed your writings it is good to have you back.

  2. Actually the Energizer rabbit is no more .
    He’s no longer their slogan .
    Now their slogan is just .. err .. a battery with hands and feet .
    Pretty lame !
    I hope it stops raining b4 Tuesday as i’m coming to Egypt fpr a vacation .
    I had my fair share of shitty weather and if its not sunny in Egypt am gonna kick sum serious a$$ !

  3. New Kid: Thank you dear…missed you around as well…glad to be back πŸ™‚

    Maxxed out: yeah…it is …I loved the rabbit πŸ™‚ well, if this would make u feel better…the weather is awesome…it is not raining…neither hot…nor cold…just a bit breezy in the morning…quitel chilly during night. Seriously, the rain is over with…hope u enjoy ur vacation πŸ˜€

  4. Nerro,

    I love happy endings.:)

    The happy ending here is that you’re back.:)

  5. ” I really can’t understand you at all….hundered question marks here.”

    A friend of mine sent me an sms early this morning:

    “Good morning. My mind is a lot of confusion…So here’s hoping to clear everything up today. But more weight on something particular.”

    And I smsed him back:

    “Then I wish you a very good morning, filled with peace & wisdom, with special weight on that something particular.”

    Wish you the same – not just this morning. Always.:)

  6. Loulou: I love this ending as well πŸ™‚ thank you dear.
    what a beautiful wish ya Loul..I need it the most…wish your days are all as beautiful as ur words.

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