Crash “where words have enough power to sting”

“Moving at the speed of life, we are bound to collide with each other”

It’s not only about racism; it’s more about anger, frustration, disconnection, and the high sense of alienation …which has been highly stirred after 9/11…

Several stories of lawyers, cops, locksmiths, whites, blacks, Hispanics, rich, middle-class, poor people during the holiday season….skillfully weaved together….connections between them are never confusing.

A thought provoking…yet emotional movie…not to watch with a” then what happens” mindset…just observe, feel, and think.

Interesting enough…there is no such thing like absolute bad or exceptionally good characters…you start to point your fingers at someone…then not so long you realize your tears are crawling down the cheeks for you feel sorry for that same one…whom you just indicted guilty.

I loved:
The scene where the cop “Matt Dillon” and the director’s wife “Newton” were trapped in a burning car, the freaked out wife couldn’t believe that the guy who is struggling to rescue her is the same one who physically molested and emotionally crashed her and her husband’s pride the night before. The look she gave after getting off the car is unforgettable.

The scenes between the locksmith and his extremely cute…adorable…young daughter are immensely touching….

“You think you know who you are?…you have no idea!!”

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  1. I cried my eyes out watching that movie!!

    The scene tht really got me emotional was when the guy who owned the grocery store shot the locksmith’s daughter. I couldn’t stop crying!

    Nevertheless, it was a totally stunning movie and deserved ‘Best Picture’ 🙂

  2. Welcome back, Nerro!

    Many thanx go to the ‘special person’…

  3. That picture kicked a$$
    very powerful and a very-much-needed slap on the face
    i didnt see “Brokeback Mountain” but when “Crash” one it was double the treat for me
    first coz i thought it was awesome
    2nd coz if “Brokeback” had won it didnt only mean that i was gonna have to make myself see it , but it meant as well that they were gonna start making more movies with gay cowboys coz it was obviously a winning theme !

  4. Sou: well, it was an awesome shot.I cried too…then had this wide grin when I realized the cute girl is ok 🙂 of course the award is well deserved.

    Alaa: thank you dear 🙂

    Maxxed out: well, I think more of the gay cowboys movies are on the pipelines now…ah..well. “very-much-needed slap on the face”..u stated this very right…

  5. I’m so jealous. Kept meaning to see that movie but it’s not showing anymore.:(

    Why is it that all the movies I miss always turn out to be great?Oh well, I guess there’s always the DVD.

  6. Loulo:the DVD in this case would even be a better is a “must be in my library” movie 😀

  7. Hi all!!

    What do you think about Tokio Hotel? >:)

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