Mr. President made our day

Of course, he did…10 people “including myself” had their first letter of reprimand this morning for being 40 minutes late. 3ashan eih??? coz Mr. Presidnent was going somewhere…and instead of using a jet…he decided to use a car…and that was like 7:”something” this morning…a crucial time for employees, college and school students. when all you can think of is rush…rush…rush..

So, were we bugged or something!!! hell no….2 car crashes coz of the sudden turn before Salah Salem tunnel….people swearing…a woman crying and screaming out of her car as she wants to reach her sick father on the other part of the town…”see we were entertained kaman” grrrrrrrr…not to mention stuck students as I believe they won’t mind being late unless they have an important exam..come on…3adi ya3ni…di kolaha 7agat soghayara..soghayara.

Am I pissed??? how come..and if I am…who cares.
Is my problem the first counselling letter in 5 years? is it something to add up to my high sense of indifference or estrangement to the country? is a matter of being disrespected as a citizen in my country?

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  1. ma3lish ya nerro, take it easy on yourself. w ba3deen da el Mr. president mosh ay 7ad, ya3ni yet7er2 el sha3b mosh mohem el mohem el rayes yekoun mabsout.

    But I think your management is very unfair. Why did they give you this letter of reprimand, didn’t they know that it was an emergengy and that the whole country was blocked 3alashan ‘7ater 3eyoun el rayes. Homa ma3andohomsh watania w wa3y siyasy wala eh?

  2. Sorry Sweetie, matez3aleesh.
    It happened to me in a mid year accounting exam many years ago :)its whole duration was one and half hour and imagine that it became just one hour.
    Don’t bother with the letter, u r a very disciplined person and that matters the most. thank god I am not working at ur company… I would have been fired the first week ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wonderer: remember the two words I wanted to comment with in ur political post…lazem a2olhomlek..3ashan they go here kaman ๐Ÿ˜€

    As for the mgmnt here…bossi ba2a..we are a foreign entity…I get my paycheque from a different continent..fa I have to go with the rules…the rule says..on desk 8 sharp….a warning letter to be put in file after 8:20…fair enough…the reason ba2a?? is not their problem at all…after all it is not so convincing from their point of view…and of course u can’t criticize ur own beloved country in front of them…fa it is better to keep ur mouth shut…and accept the penalty…3ala ra2i el mathal “elshorta wel sha3b fi khedma el watan…we masr l…., w…. lmasr;-)”

    MIB ;D: I am not za3lana…ana bas metghaza…the letter is no big deal is the concept that irritates me awi…ma fi tayara…leih ne3azeb el nas ya3ni. Doubt u’d have made it to the first week though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. This is why I love my work. I come in at 9 or 9:20 , don;t do any work till 2 pm, then leave at 5. My Boss maloush da3wah beiha, wallah ana leiyah da3wah beeh.

    Told you we would hire you, bas enty elly etbatarty 3ala el ne3mah! ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. 1- you didn’t want to share your DVD.
    2- Dude, you guyz don’t pay pretty well!! come on…what’s a dazzling offer after all ;P

  6. it’s sad these sort of excuses are not valid in Paris ..
    “Errr .. sorry i’m late Shirak was blocking my route ”
    or even better
    “Sorry am late , i felt in an open sewer ”
    after all , it IS a very legitimate excuse in Egypt
    u read in the papers about ppl falling in the sewer every day
    the only question is : what are the odds of it happening to YOU !

  7. Nothing more than that I work for a foreign company…and “the president is blocking the way” thing…is not an acceptable excuse…

  8. ma3leish, welcome to the club of countries that want to ditch their presidents!
    they make a cute couple, him & Lahoud ๐Ÿ™‚

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