Funday…not really…but sorta ;-)

– I came to find that boss is bekh…already gone…he is in a sort of …mm…am trying to think..what is it…it is coming..yep..emergency leave..yeah..right 😀 I went blank for a sec.

Kaman my 2 beloved “wink” workmates are off…no..they are not…they are “mezawagheen”…”en ghab el boss…” it is not that I don’t skip work w keda…I do…bas I do it bluntly and when the boss is here…as in last Sunday…I didn’t feel like coming to work and screwing up a loooooooong weekend…fa I called and I said eno am not feeling well and stuff…my intuition is he didn’t buy it…”who would ya3ni :)”….bas cool ya3ni…he pretended that he did. How sweet!!

So back to my funday… is fun coz am office alone “as in home alone”….listening to loud music….invited colleagues and friends to have breakfast over “btw..Joy is baking upstairs…and will be here shortly” …still….have 2 proposals to finish and submit before the end of this week fa….gotta find sometime to work. Eih……… is a hard life 😉

– What are pickled onions for:
Most people including my mom thought they are to be eaten only…but that’s not the case with me….since I am trying to learn more and more about photography…so I thought my favouirte pickles would be a good training object.
And my training when…10 or 15 minutes after I woke up…mom was preparing tea and breakfast, and I was around…fa the new sealed pickled onions jar looked so tempting:

Me “trying to open the jar”: Mom…would you open this for me!!!
Mom”awfully astonished”: basal 3al sob7 keda ya Noori??????????!! sweety…it is all yours…we don’t like it…bas don’t eat it delwa2ti…estani bas 7atta lama teshrabi el shay belaban.
Me: I am not gonna eat….you will see it for me
Mom opened the sealed jar, while I vanished for a few secs.
Mom “tani awfully astonished x2”: Eih da??? what are you doing with your camera !
Me “holding a spoon and chasing one big full multi-layered basalaya: am taking photos
Mom “paused”
Me “taking photos”: eih…do you think am totally nuts??
Mom: well, I always thought you have rob3 dareb…but my shocker is that am positive that the rest talaterba3 is gone now.
After thanking Ms. full vivid multi-layered basalaya….I ate it…you didn’t think I would throw it!!!

-Don’t know what’s with the Belly-dancing hype…I came to find an invitation to a get together thing during the next weekend… with a baladi theme….and the recreation team stated that there would be belly-dancers and stuff..original costumes contest blablabla. fa I called to check…and found out it is a “bona2an 3ala talab el gamahir” type of thing 😀 “only the belly-dancers”…fa they developed the idea…and came up with the baladi theme party!!! w 3agaby.

Here is my basala…it is not the result I wanted…but will keep trying…and show you the final results 😀 Loool…

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  1. basal is my favorite pickles too, ‘7sosan lama yekoun in this red oil we meshatshat shiwaya, yummmmmy, also, the white onions in a jar is fine for me:)

    So, where is the photo then, I want to see the poor onion. BTW, you don’t need to eat it 3ala el re2, kan momken teraga3iha fi el jar, balash talakeek ya nerro:)

    yalla enjoy your funday:)

  2. the ones with red oil w meshatshat shwaya..are my favourite as well.

    I sent you the photo..bas it didn’t come out the way I more photo sessions with onions.
    Enti ma3aya wala ma3lahom…ana basalety la momken terga3 el jar abadan :)))

  3. well well I love onions too but I want to see the photo :((

  4. wana wana.. want to see the photo.

  5. NK & Moon: I posted the photo aho :0

  6. Hey Nerro, nice trial , really i like it :).

  7. 😀 Thanks ya Rain…glad u like it.

  8. Nerro, thanks for posting the photo :D.
    You know.. when I was scrolling the page, and saw the photo, it gave me the impression of a jelly fish, or a sea living creature.

    My imagination is getting weird these days 😀

  9. Mmmm.. weired onion..
    It looks a bit like jelly.. wla eh ya Nermo?? 😀

  10. Moon and Nour: :)))) sea living creature and jelly!!! well, I better keep on trying “lol” 😀

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    Today while I was going through my blogline list I found an intresting read on “Funday…not really…but sorta 😉 « Nermeena”. Having astute readers here at Flor-Essence Information Blog I think you might enjoy reading that post and g…

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