On their BIG victories and my Small ones

Cheered…laughed…cursed…and..cried…just to add some taste and odor to your flavorless victories… Voluntarily…can’t deny…now… your victories had some shape… cheerers and audience everywhere…plus or minus one…who the heck cares.

When it is my turn…you came running behind the curtains, blocked the view, impressed my audience with 20 consecutive somersaults…Happy now?!! Hope you are…”that’s just pathetic” said koko the parrot … “you forgot that her small victories adds up to your BIG ones”.

Like a ghost
I follow your steps so true
You don’t have to bribe me or fill me up
Give me a minute to shine with you
I will make you so happy, make you laugh

I’m never gonna say I’m sorry for the essence of my soul
There’s so many ways to change my life
‘Cause I want to…oh
I’m like a clown, I am fun for everyone…
“Ace of Base”

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  1. I will try to download the song and hear it before I comment:)

  2. bossy, I recalled the song keda for things that happened yesterday…and I felt like…mm.blablablabla..it is not one of my favourite songs…but it was in mind all day.

  3. There are no small and big victories , just victories .

  4. Exactly…but for some people things are a tad different.

  5. Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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