Here and there…..

– Hallelujah…The government is like giving out a Carte blanche for murderers and killers, sweet!!! Isn’t it remarkable, the new generation of criminals has super-alien-powers, that they do everything so brutally and perfectly in like …no time “snap here”…not only that…but they turn out to be loonies and get away with it effortlessly….see where am going here??
on the hypothesis that anyone bought such stories…then his/her brains “bekh”…and since these are the government Officially acknowledged stories…and they are based on the assumption that our brains are totally gone!!! therefore…..????
Apparently….the big guys have noticed the increasing # of stressed out Egyptians…and wanted them just to let it all out…oh…I am touched!!!

– It was interesting when I saw a message in an e-group message board… that the writer psed her message…. with please don’t “dear” or “darling” me in ur replies…as they really don’t know each other or something like this. Honestly, I found that hard to comprehend…maybe from her standpoint she found it rude that people are kinda “crossing” her borders…or maybe she was addressing one person in particular…If we assumed that cuddling/pampering words would offend others..then am a hell of nasty person..I really can’t imagine what would have happened to me if I replied to her…kont hatbahdel!! as I don’t limit my words to dear and darling…I go like…sweets, honey, 7abibti…etc…I don’t know…never thought that might offend people at any level!!! ehhhh…human nature…

– So..we are talking Greek mythology, I love it by the way…it is very stimulating for a daydreamer like myself…so guys were talking “hottest chicks” “sounds erotic..but it wasn’t :D” …then came a question…if you were to choose…would you like to be a nymph or a go goddess?!!! that was a tough one..I mean…being a Goddess is cool is like she has everything without doing that much effort…but then..I realized eno being me…that sounds a bit boring.
Fa I went for a nymph..after all they sound much energetic and vivid….simply they are super cute female creatures…”divinities of lower rank”…but usually nice and have an important role to play, ya3ni they were valued as the protectors of springs, mountains, trees, the sea and rivers, etc…. Immortality is not their issue…coz unlike goddesses…they were fated to die…

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  1. Who wants to live forever anyway …

  2. No one I guess..

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