This morning….and afternoon “updates” ;-)

In the morning:

Since I am in bad need for money “and yes I know it is still April 18th”…fa I decided to go withdraw some cash from the bank before I go to work…and since I realized that my ATM card is expired fa I have to go a spend some time there “3ashan ana fadya”…then go to work an hour or so late.

ye2olak…if you are gonna go to the bank before work…then you really don’t have to set your alarm sometime like 6a.m…and in case you set your alarm 3ala 6…turn it off…and sleep an extra hour…bas I kept myself in bed bel3afya till like 6:45…

8:00 am in front of the bank…and there are like 20 people waiting at the gate…fa am like!! don’t they open at 8??? fa a nice lady said no 8:30…”handed me a paper and pencil” then said werite ur name and # 3ashan takhdy dorek. Fa I did…and since there was like half an hour fa I strolled around shwaya…till it was like 8:20..then back to the gate…there..found the bank dude who started to give out #s and stuff…had mine and walked away…since the door is closed anywayz..fa what’s the point in being squeezed between angry people…seriously..people looked so grumpy..although it was real early for such a mood…I mean…u might find 2 or 3 people who woke up on the other side of the bed…bas no…apparently…they all rolled off their beds…anyways…a couple of minutes keda…then a lady quarrel started..over eih ba2a…1 or 3…yes…one is saying that she is here first and she thought that since she wants to see a CS representative…fa no need for #s…and the other said something like…eno…mesh moshkelti..”ento magetoosh benok abl keda”!! fa it was really stupid…fa I tried to calm the elder lady…and told her…eno there are 4 counters..and the four of them work at the same time…fa 1 or 3 it won’t make any difference…she is gonna step in at the very beggining..she liked the idea “I think”…and then finally they opened the gates, got the money, and shoot off to work.
Moral of the story: The guy who invented the ATM is a sweet pie…and the idiot who forgot to renew her card must get it renewed….in her lifetime.

Yesterday…I submitted a leave slip for an hour and half…fa I reached Maadi around 9:15…and the rule goes like…buddy…you are not expected to show up in the office 15 minutes early!!! Fa I stopped by the baker…and treated myself to a choco-doughnut…and a coffee…then hit the bldg. back.

So…we are in the office….W “a custodian is cleaning the office”….now she started to open the window…M turned on the AC…
W: Have you seen this??
M: what??
W: The AC operates when you open the window.
M: begad, warini keda
W: “turned her back to close the window”…he turned off the AC
W: Shofto…
R…didn’t notice that M is using his Remote Control…and believed that the AC is somehow connected to the window “LOL…for the record..R is working in her MBA”
R: eih da…let’s call the bldg&equip maint dept?? da mass…
W: da el gehaz keda yenfeger
Nerro – laughing hillariously to an extent that R thought am very irresponible and inconsiderate.
M: la2…besor3a…we might conisder evacuating the office.
R: “in the phone” H…we need help…”and told him the story…apparently he asked her to try it again”
R: bas momken atkahrab “at this point…i was like under the desk laughing…it was hillarious”
M: don’t be afraid…it won’t…bas you know…the wires are all connected..there is nothing wrong…it happens ya3ni..
R – started to move the window back and forth…and M is turning the AC on on off with his RC.
Here W was freaked out big time…and was between the two thoughts…either el AC 3aleh 3afreet…aw eno hayenfeger…fa she liked the idea of calling for help to get away with her life 😀
Nerro: trying to hold up shwaya….and decided to tell Rasha that…she is being played…and I am really shocked…as I always thought she is a hell of a smart ass.

I don’t know if you guyz are as curious as myself…bas am really interested to know who is reading my blog…of course…I know some people for sure coz we are friends, and some others come from side bar links and stuff…but there are some direct hits from Egypt and different countries…that I would like to know who are they :D…would be nice if you guyz dropped a line to suffice my high sense of curiousity…it is a Gemini thing…hane3mel eih??

Baby, in the afternoon 🙂
Last week Moon offered taking me to the Ceramic Café, or let me put it this way…I knew where it is but since she offered taking me…fa I thought why not meet up and get to know her…fa we met after work… was like a bloggers get together “3aldaya2 keda” Moon, Rain, Nesrina, and myself ……it was really nice….like when people are so spontaneous and themselves keda…Moon also showed us “the mug she painted”…wanted to paint one…bas was so exhausted to an unbelievable extent…so I said I need to come have breakfast here in the weekend and play shwaya ana kaman..Girls…I really enjoyed the outing…and I am glad I got to know you for real :))
P.S: the cafe is Real Good…

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  1. aww. Me reads you nerro.

  2. Me too Nerro :)).

    Just a thought crossed my’s sometimes better to not know.

  3. Why ya Rain??

  4. Sometimes the truth is too much to handle…again i’m speaking very abstract , i didn’t mean this specific situation.

  5. You’re not gonna get feedback .. except from ppl u already “know” …

  6. Apparently “yes” :D…it was an attempt to…whatever…I thought it would be cool w keda..

  7. Nerro :D:D:D

    This story of the AC is hillarious begad … I laughed and luaghed untill people around me in the office where like howa fee eh !!

    Have A Lovely day 🙂

  8. I READ you ya nerro :))
    and I will try to find time to play with your mind showia it will be my pleasure I miss the fun of it .

  9. i read you in the states and now I read u from cairo!

  10. Didoooooooooo:D “u have the loviest day ever…you ‘ve been missed here missie. “kisses”.

    NK: I will be waiting :))

    Yasmina: I didn’t know that!! glad u dropped a line…and enjoy ur stay 😀

  11. It was my pleasure meeting you ya Nermeena and Nesrina :)) I enjoyed it very much as well :))

    Looking forward for the next time, with painting b2a 😉

  12. Me too Nerro :)) , the pleasure was all mine , really you & Nesrin are sooooooooo sweet , would love to meet up with u again isA.

  13. I had a very pleasant time myself, thanks to all of you girls.
    Apart from the fact that Nerro mislead me when she tried to provide me with the directions to reach the Cafe. bas rabena satar and I made it …YAY! :))

  14. Moon: yep…next time lazem painting isa 🙂

    Rain: you are the sweet one here..nice, calm, yet cheerful..and a very warm person..isa we will meet up afain dear 🙂

    y2olek maho tool manti ezaza mesh hayenfa3…I didn’t mislead you honey…it is just the wind dfirfted you away..”3ala asas enek message in a bottle w keda”

  15. where’s that ceramic cafe ?

  16. 2 Omar Ibn Al-Khattab St, Abu Bakr Al-Seddiq Sq, Heliopolis.

    Tel: (02) 241 7603

    Opening Hours: 9am — 1am.

    Just in front of Tssepass el ma7kama..u know where is that??

  17. not really no
    howa 3obara 3an eih

  18. off midan el ismailia as if you are going to Abu bakr el sedik…it is right on the corner. It is a cafe keda…with all the ceramic stuff…that u can paint and play with w keda. The thing is it is one of those old helio blgs…outdoors and indoors..cozy….quiet, not so crowded…so you can enjoy a quality talk with a friend…withougt all those screens and loud voices you might find in different cafes.

  19. I am jealeoues that you all met but I will forgive you anyway glad that you enjoyed

  20. Don’t you worry!! will arrange a special outing for you when you get back 😀

  21. U totally lost me
    it sounds like royal fun tho ..

  22. It really is…tab eih?? why don’t you give them a call and ask for directions!!

  23. Ya well
    None of my friends would be interested in those less-than-ordinary activities …
    They’re all about the bars and pubs and all that jazz …
    Besides i’m the only Masr Gedida refugee .. noone else ever comes to this side anyway … I’m the one always making the trips .
    And finally they all left to Sinai for the vacation .. and i have two more days to kill b4 heading baq to Paris … and i dun have the faintest clue how .
    So yeah …

  24. I read! I read!

    Well duh “I read”…Bas asdi, I read your blog! (feel free to shoot me a “what the heck is she on” look :p LOL)

  25. Maxxed-out: wish I could be of any help!!! e-mail me @, and I’ll try to find interesting things for you.

    Sou:no looks :D…glad you are reading.

  26. I laughed hysterically about the A/C story:)) Tell your friend to quit the MBA:)

    BTW, I am so jealous and you girls have to promise me to take me to a crazy outing the next time I come to Egypt:)

  27. beromiz ya wonderer ;D

  28. Do they still allow people to paint there in Ceramic Cafe?

  29. ah ah, they do tab3an.

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