What a day!!!

So…the day started with a heads-up e-mail about this…..couldn’t believe it…I mean…to that extent!!! with the photos and coverage..was like speechless and tearful…for what I saw and read was dreadful. Not only that but to make the day… some idiots decided to enhance the Egyptian spring and liberation festivities and gave an extraordinary fireworks demo. Way to go!!!

Why is it socially odd for a single girl to hang out just on her own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here is the thing…a couple of days off …we were supposed to camp @ Ras Mohamed, but the trip was cancelled…and the other option was Siwa…and I really was in need for a beach vacation…so ended up staying here…today we had a family day…but by 6pm we were done…didn’t want to spend the evening home…wanted to do something…but with everyone not willing to do anything..fa khalas…I decided to go out to the movies…and enjoy a nice movie night….

Arrived @ the stars complex…with the intent to watch paradise now but didn’t find a single ticket…so I ended up watching the pink panther…and here:
First…the lady who was selling Paradise now tickets…gave me a look keda for asking for only one ticket…and she was like…one ticket??? da lmeen ya3ni…fa I was like…leya…if you can find me one…that would be great…fa she is like…are you on your own?? fa I said yes…she was like looking behind me to check if someone is hiding or so I think…fa said la2..khelset. O-K-k

Second…I am standing infront of the tickets girl “pink panther”…and am like 1 ticket for the pink panther please…she is gazing at me for like 30 seconds…and am like “u heard me?”…fa she is yes…one!!!! fa I cheerfuly confirmed… yes please….ma 3alena
I took the ticket…and decided to get myself some pop-corn…and watch the trailers for new movies…I don’t usually like to do that…but since I have nothing to do…fa why not ya3ni…

Treated myself to some freshly made pop corn….the guy who escorted me to the seat…asked if I want to leave a ticket at the gate for whoever is late ya3ni wala 7aga….fa I said no thanks…I am not waiting for anybody…the guy stumbled and was about to smash his face…mesh moshkela.

Watching the movie…it is nothing big…but I like Steve Martin…and the movie is like flat..but funny…fa I was laughing and keda…during the break decided to go get myself a bottle of water…after I got back the girl sitting next to me….murmered something keda…that I didn’t get at the begining…then I figured out eno she is asking “if am ok or not??” fa I said”yeah”…why?..fa she said eno I am sitting alone laughing w keda…fa she assumed…eno I broke up with my guy..and I went to movies alone…to get away from my mother’s or family questions…or interrogations!!! LOOOL…I mean…come on the girl developed a very clever scenario..fa I told her…NO…but ur story sounded interesting though….I mean i can use it someother time…I told her I just simply came to spend a nice evening out since am off…PERIOD.

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  1. Personally I don’t think it’s a weird thing to go on ur own , but why didn’t u ask Nesrina to join ?? 🙂

  2. Ya Nerro this is absolutely hilarious :))))))))

  3. he he, only in Egypt. It’s fun doing things like that on your own. Somehow it’s not right in this country..Good for you girly!!

  4. LOL..

    I add my voice to you ya Nermeena.. Unfortunately I’m suffering from the same thing.. But I even never had the chance to try it, for, my parents think the same way as well, and they don’t let me out except when they know there are others joining me!!

    That’s extremely ridiculous if I may say! I’m already suffocated with all that social rules.

  5. I remember when I was still single, I planned goining to a movie with a couple of friends.
    At the last moment one of the girls cancelled so I went with the other one. When I came back home mum wasn’t happy at all, and she said the she allowed me to go provided that we are 3 girls not only 2!!!!

    Her point was 2 girls can easily be bothered by el 3eyal el say3a fi el cinema but 3 girls can protect each other!!!

    I didn’t get her point besara7a.

    Anyway, good for you that you know how to enjoy even if you are alone.

  6. I watched ‘Paradise Now’, well .. watch it and judge 4 yrself!!

  7. the movie theatre is right next to my house. and I had made a habit of going there alone sometimes (instead of going thru the trouble of calling friends & setting dates & all that). watching a movie alone is an art by itself, and very stress-free.

  8. Rain: it is not weird at all..should be normal ya3ni…I asked her walahi…but she wasn’t into going out w keda.

    Nour: it really is…but strange as well.

    Yasmina: :)) I never understood it though…

    Moon:I have no problem with my family in such issues…it is just people are not accustomed to the idea of having fun regardless they are on their own …or accompanied with others!! ma3lesh ba2a.

    Wonderer: when I was younger..mom used to have the same concern…please movie theatres are now cool ya3ni mafish mashakel..i had fun begad…

    Aladin: I sure will…I can feel that u didn’t like it from ur words…

    Evo:exactly right you are…watching movies really doesn’t require company…it is something you can enjoy doing by yourself…

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