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– M called to check on me…and asked if I would like to join them “him and his friends” in a trip to Ain El Sukhna…fa I thought since I don’t have plans…fa cool I am in…fa he said eno he is gonna arrange with the rest and call back to give me details…w keda.
15 minutes later he called back…and he is like khalas will meet tomorrow @ 10 and this point I interrupted him…and said u know. not going…he was like mute for a few secs…then continued…why?? a few minutes ago…u were like…so enthusiastic..but now!!!! started saying things like…I wana cool off…and take some rest…kaman am not ready to meet new people and stuff…he said eno…he was going to spend the night…bas 3ashan he wants me to go w keda…fa he is gonna go for one day…and drive me back at night…plus eno the people are so cool…blablabla…to be so honest…I didn’t expect him to answer in such a calm way “well he is usually calm..but he would lose his tempers sometimes” for 2 things I do in particular.
a) being so moody “wich is something I can never control..give me a break…am a gemini”
b) turning the cell off for long and for no reason…”I like this one, never tried it with him is that we were once talking about something..and I told him that I turned off my cell for a day or so..and raya7t demaghi…fa he was like..never ever do this with me”
Anywayz….back to the story…fa khalas…we are done…and I sent him a thank you for the invitation “sms”. Been a long time with him not around…

– Few days ago went out shopping with mom @ the stars complex….fa we are done with our shopping spree…and it is time to go home…and since there is nothing to eat at home…fa we ordered some food to go before leaving…anywayz…we put out our order…and went to check one last shop before we go until our food is ready…done with that one last shop…with one last dress…and yes..I said dress :D…shocker!! fa I went up to get our food…and in my way down to mom…I saw “A”…with someone…God only knows if she is his wife, finace “don’t think she is either one..3ashan they were not holding hands…da on the assumption that they are newly weds or engaged…which is like 10% I tried to see if they have rings or bands in their hands..but I didn’t see any…or maybe the pilattes exercises I practiced on the escalator inorder to find out if they are formally committed or not were not that good..well…were good enough to make the guy behind me laugh. I do a lot of effort just to make a fool of myself..don’t I??

Anywayz…it was good seeing him…I thought of saying hi and stuff…but Egyptian guys don’t usually like being stuck in such situations!!! don’t know why?? I mean…if you were that close “see my fingers?” from the “they lived happily everafter” phase..but it didn’t work out…what’s wrong if you ran into ur ex..somewhere…anywhow….this is not the point…fa I left w khalas.
For me being the person I am….stupid or dumb if i may say…I decided to SMS him today…and that is what I said exactly…”saw u the other day @ the stars complex…but thought it might be inconvenient to stop and say hi…was really nice seeing u though :D”…and what was his reply “……..” nothing…literally nothing.
I mean…a simple hi won’t hurt…for people who shared nice memories “well…not really…there were ugly…real ugly ones”…but even if…we are over with long time ago…and he was the bad guy…he used to blame himself for that…and I was like “don’t”…it is as simple as we are not for each other. I suffered a lot after this whole thing back then….but now I am left out with the memory of him rushing into my office like a tornado confessing that he loves me…I owe him for the most romantic moment in my life. It was simple, honest, sincere, and so from his heart. Now…now what?? I am speechles…

Am not used to keep things inside me..I am happy when I am happy…and I go out and tell the world…I am not happy…I vent, cry, mellow…I go through the same routine.”I get it out”..I tell people I love them, I miss them, I hate them…am like neutral and they are not of any difference to me. I understand people are not into blunt, candid people…and tend to be attracted to vague ones…but why is it so complicated….why is it always like queens of darkness get the crown…and straight forward fairies…help tucking the veil under the crown!!!

– PS:to the writer of the deleted comment
This blog is of a very personal nature, which means that I blog my life in here…just to get things out of my system…so u being entertained or not…is not my issue!!! one more thing…you don’t read people if you want something funny….people are much more valuable than being hillarious.

it is midnight…and I couldn’t get myself to sleep..

– Gotta admit that going to work in such circumstances “bombings and stuff” freaks me out…we at work used to make fun of such is not the first time..I know..we’ve been through this before….but….I am scared.

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  1. 7’alli balek mn nafsek ya Nermeen..


  2. “don’t u worry about me..I will always come out at the top” says Pippi Longstocking 😀
    Thanks ya Nour…I am..rabena yostor 😀

  3. About your mod swings, don’t worry you are normal. I am worse than you, I can be very enthusiastic about smthg a moment and I lose interest the second moment.

    As for A, you are right, a simple hi won’t hurt … men!!

  4. No point in thinking about things like bombings & stuff. A lot of evil things in the word we can’t control. Allah hafiz. Inshallah you’ll be ok.

    About A, I don’t answer if my ex sends me sms or forwards emails. I only speak to him if I see him with other people we both know & I have to say hi. So I guess I shouldn’t comment there.

  5. Wonderer: I “sometimes” hate my mood for A…mesh keda bzemetek 🙂

    Loulou:Isa all will be is just we get all these warnings..lectures..etc..fa I can’t take it off my mind. The good news is…we r like 20 minutes away from the weekend 😀
    A thing…mesh 3arfa…am a tad offended bas mesh awi i s just i is cool w keda

  6. 🙂 I laugh whenever I read the Gemini excuse ya Nerro
    I have a Gemini husband who is giving my Hard / surprising times. It’s difficult to even predict how he will drink his tea this time.

    But Gemini are lovely persons truely .. Keep the lovely spirit in you and don’t care for others especially the EXs 😉

  7. Ezayek ya Dina..mal senanek ba2a warini!! :D..”remember this commercial??”…nevermind…ana hayest khalas..
    Walahi the Gemini excuse is walid gedan…it is just we have not the faintest bit of control over it :D..thank you ya Dido..I will..don’t worry..wala yehemeni 😀

    من فجرا يومنا هذا الموافق(27 ابريل 2006) توا جدت كاميرات شايفنكم في قلب الحدث..الجمعيه العموميه لنادي القضاه لنقل احداث حيه و ردود فعل فوريه لما قد تؤل اليه الجلسه التأديبيه المقامه ضد كل من المستشار هشام بسطويسي و المستشار محمود مكي..ايماناً منا بدعم مسيرة استقلال القضاء…

    وعلى الرغم من ان الجلسه قد تم تأجيلها بسبب عدم اخطار المستشارين و عدم وصول اي ورق لهم يوضح ما سوف يتم التساؤل عنه معهم حتى صباح هذا اليوم…الا ان ردود الافعال كانت اقوي من ان تتجاهلها كاميراتنا..

    فمنذ ان صاحبنا القضاه في تمام الساعه العاشره صباحاً اثناء مغادرتهم لنادي القضاه و ذهابهم الى محكمة دار القضاء العالي قابلنا العديد من المسيرات التي تؤيد القضاه و تثبتهم على موقفهم النزيه..فأمام نقابه الصحفين وقف المئات من المتظاهرين..(صحفين مع مواطنين (في مسيره مؤيده لاستقلال القضاء..هذا غير الاعداد التى لم نستطع ان نحصيها التى تتظاهر امام نقابه المحامين تطالب بايمان بضروره استقلال القضاء..و قد تهافت على كاميراتنا العديد من المتظاهرين و كأنهم يطالبونا بأن نشهد على موقفهم و نوصل تلك الشهاده لكل مواطن في بلادنا..

    وبسبب كل تلك الحشود المتظاهره في رمسيس و شارع 26 يوليو و عبد الخالق ثروت و صولاً بشارع شامبليون فوجئنا بتلك الحشود الامنيه الجباره و التى وصلت الى 80 عربيه امن مركزي..و كان كل همهم هو ان يمنعوا و صول المواطنين المتظاهرين عن الوصول الى القضاه الذين جاءوا ليؤيدوهم ..السؤال هنا..لماذا كل هذه الاعداد من رجال الامن المركزي؟…و لماذا هذا الاصرار ان يبعدوا المواطنين عن القضاه لدرجة ان يلجأوا الى ضرب العديد من المتظاهرين و القبض على آخرون.؟ و لماذا اثناء التظاهر منعوا كاميراتنا من الاقتراب من نادي القضاه؟……

    اليوم…يعد نقطه هامه و مؤثره في مسيرة استقلال القضاء برغم كا ما واجهناه من صعوبات امنيه..و ستستمر حملتنا بالرغم من اي شيء حتى الخامس و العشرين من مايو…و سنظل مسلطين كاميراتنا و اعيننا على كل ما يحدث…و سنظل شايفنهم بكل تعسفهم و تجوازتهم و ننقل لكم_ بأمانة المدافع عن العداله_ ما يخطو اليه وطننا الآن نحو التغير الحقيقي….فتتضامنوا معنا…

    نحن شعب يُسلب منه اهم و ابسط حقوقه..العداله!

    فلا عداله بدون قضاء نزيه..و لا نزاهه لقضاء دون استقلاله!

    فتضامنوا معنا من اجل وطن يستطيع كل مواطن فيه ان يؤمن ان هناك عداله

  9. I like you new template:)

  10. Me too ya Nerro, the template is sooo cheerful , suits u very much 🙂

  11. Wonderer and Moon 😀 thank you girls…glad u liked the new look 😉

  12. New look! Hey! It’s springtime!

  13. yeah 😀 it is

  14. If you want a seriosly good laugh watch these hillariously funny videos Happy

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