May festivities :D

y2olak…May da is the best month ever…ya3ni…it is really super cool, joyous keda…and has a distinctive spirit…you know…even words can’t describe how special is this month πŸ™‚ come on

Ya3ni the month starts with Wonderora’s Birthday along with labor day….ya3ni agaza…there is a point I love you girl πŸ˜‰

On the 10th ba2a…we find eno it is 7adouta’s Birthday kaman… “catch dragons in their dens..tell tales..sunshine…flowers “ See…here is the spirit am talking about.

At the end of the month….comes the twins birthday “Nesrina-my sis & Nermeena-moi” on the 28th….well,…it is the end of the month…when everybody is broke…that’s not fair.

*Uncyclopedia thing

Three Things That Are Named After May:

May Parker: Spiderman‘s old aunt, the widow of his Uncle Ben, who was murdered in his first story to teach his nephew that “With great power comes great responsibility”. Nobody bothered to ask Uncle Ben what he thought of this, until Fred Hembeck was commissioned by Jim Shooter’s evil twin to destroy the Marvel Universe. Ben Parker’s ghost convinced him to stop, and he seemed quite resigned to having been dead since before the Marvel Universe properly got started.

Possibly: A synonym for “perhaps” or “will never“. As in “I may get round to the second thing on my to-do list today“.

“The May”: A crazy man in Nashville, TN. Known for spontaneous and reckless acts. Also an excellent instigator and bad influence. Once traveled to Denver, CO., for a date.

Happy Birthday ladies….enjoy your month…and keep up this special spirit..

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  1. I love you too sweety,
    I don’t know what to say walahy. I visited your blog to look for new posts and the last thing I expected is to find smthg about my bd:)
    Thanks dear a lot:)

    Don’t worry I am saving some money to you bd, after all it is only a vrtual gift and I only need virtual money:)

    Zillions of thanks:)

  2. happy birthday to all of you ladies.

  3. LOL πŸ˜€ didn’t know that May is that special .

    But u know , my husband’s birthday is also in May 26th , bardo by the end of the month but that’s never a problem , cause i like to buy gifts way b4 it’s due date :)..ya3ny just in case , cause i like to take my time without having to be in a hurry or be broke LOL.

    Happy birthday to all of the Mayish ppl :).

  4. Ya Nerro,
    Thanks Sweetie and Happy Birthday to all of the girls.
    I was happy reading even the title “May Festivities” :))
    after what we have suffered from being born in May since our Birthdays for a considerable number of years were celebrated in a hurry to continue studying for the exams :)). So Girls have fun… the suffer is OVER πŸ™‚

  5. I like the new template!
    happy birthday la kel l 3ayseen πŸ™‚

  6. Wonderer: u r welcome..3ala eih bas…I am only celebrating ur/our birthday…which is fun…for a reason…u reminded me with “bank el 7az” money…not even the monopoly πŸ˜€ kisses

    NK: Thank you very much πŸ™‚

    Rain: Thank you dear…I love ur rawa2an :D…I really like the way u handle things…demagh. Ever bought a gift and later felt like…i really like this thing..and am reluctant about giving it out?? Mean I know…but that usually happens when I go shop for presents early πŸ™‚

    MIB: you know am allergic to the word “EXAMS”…as if studying makes me feel good πŸ˜€ glad the dark days are over with…

    Eve: Glad u liked the new template…it is the summer look w keda :)…thank you dear

  7. Love the new template.

    And yeah I see what you mean about May being festive. Happy Birthday in advance. Hope you all have the best bdays ever ISA.

  8. Thank you very much LOUL…glad u loved the template:D

  9. Read what they wrote about Gemini in their astrology article then πŸ˜‰

    Gemini (Twins): This one is easy, you have multiple personality disorder. You never make up your minds about anything but you’re fun to have at parties. Likes: flowers, cars. Dislikes: cars, flowers.

  10. Yeah..I read it before…hillarious…credit is all yours ya Nag for this uncyclopedia thingie…it is fun.btw..i check the “random page” when I am bored πŸ˜€

  11. Happy birthday for you all May girls :))
    My best friend’s birthday is in May as well :D, and I really feel what it means to be having ur birthday the mid of May.. it used to mean nothing but exams.. that’s the first year we r celebrating it without exams πŸ˜€

    Wish you all a new happy year to come πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks a lot ya Moon :)…btw…when is your birthday??

  13. 23rd of June

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