Salome dancing before Herod (Gustave Moreau)

Beautiful Painting…isn’t it!!!

In short…the story goes like ….Salome is the daughter of Herod and Herodias, who falls in love with John the Baptist. John the Baptist does not love Salome and she gets upset, “can’t blame her at al”l. So, she goes to her father, and asks for the head of John the Baptist on a platter “off with his head papa”.

Herod is in love with his own daughter “bizzare I know” but of course, she does not love him in that fashion. Fa inorder to enforce her papa to get John’s head she danced as in “seduced” him, Hence, Salome dances for Herod.

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  1. mmmm, interesting story, but think she asked for his head to please her mom. as he didnt bless her marrige to king.

  2. Yes, exactly, and that’s what the gospels says…

    But you know according to Oscar Wilde’s Salmoe’..She takes a perverse fancy for John the Baptist, and causes him to be executed when he spurns her affections.

  3. and she end up drowning in a river which freezes on her and causes her head to be cut and the body never to be found. and as this poor guy head was presented to her, her head was sent to herod….. we 3agabi

  4. I liked the picture, but the story is very brutal.

  5. well very interesting painting but I don’t know how accurate the story is as it is said that she was the king’s step daughter
    this is for one
    number two ,I heard that she danced while she was completely Naked !!

  6. Wonderer: it is…but the painting is gorgeous…there is another one of this serious called the apparition..bardo is cool…but double trouble ya3ni.

    Zeinobia: As I told Sameh…what I wrote isn’t the real story…it is Oscar Wilde’s version of the story “play”….

  7. the dance in its nature is seductive, think there is another painting called the 7 vailes, or something like that

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