“A not so enthusiastic” yaaay….even without a smilie….don’t know what’s wrong…just SO up to initiating a big fight with someone….need to be seriously provoked…so I can burst, scream, curse and swear “only that I don’t”…today…I feel more like a ticking bomb..count down!!!

Speaking of smilies and stuff…I think emoticons could be life savers at times…I once ran a whole conversation with M using emoticons :D…it was hillarious….he first thought it was habal and decided to quit talking until I get back to my senses…but after a while I got him in…fa he started using those weird audibles.

Day is relatively good….so many things running down at the happy valley…I am just alienating myself from all…..I barely talk…don’t feel like interacting….back to mute…kinda sleepless mood I guess…I am not doing much….full of energy…but drained….can’t figure out how though!!

The past few weeks where of zero productivity….personal wise….didn’t take a single photo…I plan field trips and outings…and I simply don’t go….I don’t feel like reading..or to be more accurate am too lazy to read and think…”big fat stuffed zero”….I wanna cry….just can’t find any grounds!!!!

Don’t think I am gonna let this fat lazy cat mood get into me…will think about an interesting place to go photo-hunt during the weekend.

Mmmm…well… think I would pay a visit to the kotob khan during lunch…wanna get May Khaled’s book..”A last place in Ewart’s hall”…heard about it from so many..anywayz….TBC.

AN’s are being curious about what happened today, they are asking all kinds of coherent and stupid questions….which might lead to silly culture questions…I hate those questions…and I find it hard to answer them…not that the questions are hard…but the way to have to put things order for them to understand.

Tonight is gonna be spectaculor I guess…been to the bookshop…didn’t find May Khaled’s book, although am positive I saw it somewhere there before…but it is ok….I had Galal Amin’s “Whatever happened to the Egyptians” part 1&2…also kaman…I had Ibrahim Eissa’s “maktal el ragol el kabir”….

TBC “yeah…it is a long day”

Updates: 3:54 am
Watching a live Robbie Williams concert…and just right at this moment…the guy blew_me_away…he is singing “My Way”. “Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh”…..I am a fan ever since Take That “the band”….another crack in my heart, could it be magic, babe, holding back the tears…and many many other beautiful songs…Robbie was my favourite in the band…and still my favourite as a solo singer….

So…the night continued quite peacefully…with one long thought provoking phone call with Walid and Ibrahim Eissa’s book…it is quite interesting….I am almost half way thru…although when it comes to arabic books…I am kinda s_l_o_w….

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  1. There is nothing wrong with the “lazy fat cat” mood, especially if she is not fat, she is just lazy…:). it’s not bad to be felt every once in a while, it gives some balance to the hasty lifestyle. was in that mood last weekend but I am in a hyper mood this one :))

  2. …just SO up to initiating a big fight with someone
    I have this same urge!!!!
    There’s something wrong with the stars and planets today :D.

    Anyway…just ignore these negative’ll only lead to more negativity…or u can get rid of them , do the things u like or remember Your Favorite Things :)) it might help.

  3. Nesrina: Maybe you are right…will see 😀

    Rain: 🙂 am better…spent some money in books…and came back..something about spending money makes me feel better…I am bad with money issues aslan.
    recalling favouirte things helped. HOpe you get over the mood as well 🙂

  4. Hope you feel better today ya nerro.
    Enjoy reading your new book and your weekend photos:)

  5. Nerro, I tried finding 3issa’s book here but couldn’t. They asked me for the name of the publishing house so that they could order it for me.

    Can you plz tell me the name of the bh of both 3issa’s & el-3aidy’s books:)


  6. am much better ya wonderer…thank you sweets.

    Both books were published by Merit

    Ibrahim 3eesa’s book called Maktal el ragol el kabir
    Ahmad El 3aidy’s book called “an takoon 3abbas el 3abd”

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