Love ur Life!!! “new tag”

Nour asked…why do I love my life??

Well, I love my life coz it is my life…love people, details, experiences…everything about it, it gets ugly sometimes…but still…I tend to love the ugly parts…so I manage to release some negative energy…. and enjoy a little bit of eye wash.

I think I am gripped with the idea of life itself rather than the details though…which might explain why am I totally obsessed with the reincarnation thing.

Life and love and why
Child, adult, then die
All of your hoping and
All of your searching
For what
Ask me for what am I
Living or what gives
Me strength

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  1. Good one nerro :):) alternate view for life itself without focusing on details … Great

  2. Exactly ya Dido :D…asl I like so many things…fa if I just get myself started…mesh ha nekhals πŸ˜€

  3. Do you know something, I wanted to post something about reincarnation, wait and see:)

    Anyway, smart answer to Noura’s Question:)

  4. yalla…am waiting πŸ˜€

  5. this post totally matches my feelings today.

  6. Nerro,

    I love life too. I think the cause of my restlessness is that am afraid of missing something, not seeing/feeling everything. My husband says am like a kid in a toystore.In a way he’s right. I can’t bear to watch something I like on TV & feel that I’ll never experience it. I want to go everywhere, be everyone, do everything, know everything. It’s such a big world & we get to see so little of it in the time we have.

  7. Tell me about it ya Loulou..can hear u.

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