Happy Thursday…and many to come :D

Apparently..I lost my mind..or to be more precise..lost my eyesight..just realized that am wearing brown pants…#$%$$%…they were meant to be BLACK!!! Now..am almost hiding under my desk…coz usually…”as if it is a habbit :D”….if you are wearing white shirt…brown pants..and black shoes..you’d better find urself “ta2yet el ekhfa”…and disappear:((

Note to self: seriously…need to go for a new prescription….that’s pathetic..

3 people “including myself” started an E-ruthless blackmail campaign this morning…the story goes like…the 3 of us has the Baladi Party photos….w ma adrak ma el baladi party photos : SWEET….sounds cruel I know….I just couldn’t resist it…”justified evil”

Seeing Amy Fisher..and Mary Jo Buttafuoco…hugging and kissing on national tv…makes me sick..yeah…seriously..it is like you are saying..People..it is always ok for someone to delibertely blow up ur head…and leave you with a half paralyzed face. Just blame it on lots of ecstasy!! Yuuuuuuk

I became addicted to this….mmmmmmmy….never thought Neil Gaiman..would keep an avid journal like this..I just need to get myself away from it for a while…

Mom and her dark thoughts…she is never a dark one…she is more of a very positive energetic person with a constant smile…so 2 consecutive dark thoughts in less than 20 minutes were waaaay too hard for my system to absorb…was intending to write down the whole conversation…but kinda lazy…fa anywayz…the two thoughts were related to “mokhalafet el 7arb”…aroused by a thought of me going to a place keda…and the other was “Thalassemia” el heya Mediterranean Anemia. Oh…ma…no doubt…I inherited my very_fertile_imagination from you.

Mmmmm…eih kaman?? yeah…weekend plans…I have one of those “Walid’s movie assignments” :D…”this is another story to tell later”…my assignment for tonight is Ocean’s Eleven..the 1960 edition…not the so immeasurably charming Clooney and Pitt version “just for the records here…I am praising the guys not the movie”..

Tomorrow morning isa :D…gotta pay a visit to Mahmoud Khalil’s museum….am writing an article about it w keda….think this is gonna be S-O-M-E-T-H-I-N-G. Shiko mentioned yesterday that she wants to do movies…fa will see…depends on how things will go.

Now I go ;D
I am still in last night’s dreamy mood

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  1. I always wanted to visit khalil museum tell me about it ya nerro hope you enjoy it

  2. Wait for my report NK :D…

  3. Can’t wait to read your article.
    Seems you have a very busy weekend, enjoy it:)

  4. Neil Gaiman rocks aslan 😀
    am glad you discovered his journal.. he is very creative and witty..
    think we can add him to our usual talks? 😉

  5. Wonderer: will send it to you after i finish it along with a couple of photos :D..had a relaxing weekend though…decided to slow down a bit as i discovered that am super exhausted both physically and mentally.

    Nag: sounds like so much fun..We sure can :D…

  6. I’d be interested in a copy of that article as well …. if it’s to share of course !

  7. and maybe a couple of balady party photos in the process ? … maybe ? …no ?
    ok !

  8. Can share the article as soon as I get done with it…bas baladi party…a bit hard..3ashan fedi7a 😀

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