Just a glimpse from yesterday’s felluca poetry night…
Too much to talk about but am too relaxed to talk….yet gotta go finish some work…

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  1. Breathtaking Ya Noory, ana 3ayza arou7 :((

  2. love them pictures

  3. but whats feluka poetry night ( sorry for the unjustified absence of the question mark but am at skool and i cant find it on this stupid french keyboard . The french are out to get me . Seriously . A royal pain in my Egyptian a$$ )

  4. Sooo .. I missed the poetry night yesterday … Yousy was lucky to go an tease me he whole evening !!

    Damn you MBA classes !

  5. Nesrina: tab yalla..

    Maxxed out:LOL @ french keyboard. Feluka poetry nights are usually organised by a culture group called Pen Temple Pilots, once every month during summer…to read poetry and enjoy a feluka ride.

    Dido: Ma3lesh…lessa…we have a loooooong summer…there will always be “next” time. :D…wish u were there though.

  6. Lovely pictures ya Nermeena 🙂

  7. You have to take me when I come to Egypt:)
    The pictures are great.

  8. Ya Nerro ..keda tetla3y konty a3da odamy kol dah we ma3rafsh en enty gheir ba3d ma temshy ?? 🙂 3eib 3ala kalam banat ely megama3na ya3ny ;)))
    was happy seeing u ya kameela 🙂

  9. Moon: thanks sweets

    Wonderer:so…ur big welcome back outing with all of us..will be in a felluca ya wonderer…cool?

    Yousy: Was happy seeing you too…yet knew eno it is u…only half a minute before I leave:( .let’s do it again ba2a…w dido tigi kaman 😀

  10. wow, amazing pictures!

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