Never thought being a simple person means being taken lightly, underestimated, and taken for granted. Never mind, it is ok, wala yehemek, matez3alsh, it is always fine, what the heck, mafish mashakel 😀 common words I use..coz I simply think eno as long as my dear ones are ok and in good health…khalas…even if it is the end of the world…khalas…will manage.

People used to give me tips like, don’t be so easy with him, don’t let her feel you are so close, la2 bas ew3i te2ooli kol 7aga…khaliki t2ila!!! never listened…my answer used to be balash habal…My way or the high way..don’t want to admit that they were right..and am wrong. Yet, it is the truth.

A simple person is never Plain, Shallow, or Brainless..stop…think….and..realize…it is a way of living…not most people can enjoy…coz believe it or not…it is hard to attain…it has to come from deep within…lucky is the one who can live a simple life not out of frustration..but out of satisfaction.

And for all who bugged me and indirectly pushed me to write this post…BIG TOZ.

“The happiest heart that ever beat Was in some quiet breast that found the common daylight sweet, And left to heaven the rest”.

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  1. Don’t bother ya Nerro!
    You’re leading a great life the way u are , lucky you .
    It’s the best way of living.

  2. 🙂 thanks ya rain…belmonasba..fen el tag beta3ek ya mazmazel?!!! aw forget about the tag aslan…fein new posts?? hope you are just lazy or busy.

  3. If you checked my blog, u would have found the tag :P.
    ma2darsh at27’ar 3annek ;).

  4. To all you bugged you a big, huge, fat TOZ… wala yehemek menhom.

    Keep living your life the way you like it to be, and be yourself, the simple yet mosh sahla Nerro:)

  5. Your post reminded me with these quotes:

    “Always be the action, not the reaction.”
    “Decide what you should do and more deeper what should feel, and not let others decide for you.”

  6. ah..sa7..ana mosh sahla khales 😀

  7. nermeeena .. u r so kind, beautiful and so pure..

    “Keep it simple”
    “Easy do it”

    The last 2 lines r for the one whom i love and he never knew..

    just be urself sweetie.. :o)

  8. as if you were talking with my words but no one Imet believe in being simple anymore actually I paid the price of being so several times but go on hope things will be different for you.

  9. Ricoh: thanks sweets..i will always be myself

    NK: but at least you believe it urself..sa7??

  10. I believe in being yourself… forget the tips people give you… do what “you” feel is right and what is most “you” … this way you will inshAllah not regret what you’ve said or done because it was simply “you” 🙂

  11. You are fine they way you are, don’t try to change. The point is that you can be simple but not too easy going. Sometimes you have to be mad at someone, so you must be mad at that one. Sometimes you are supposed to raise your voice or argue with others, so you must do it. But be simple as you used to be, coz it is really great to be so.

  12. Me: I sure will 🙂

    Tarek: I started using some loud voice when necessary 🙂

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