Yes…it is official now…I started to say am 28 yrs old as of the begining of this year…while my TWIN sister was holding up to 27….fa it was super confusing to people…how come ya3ni twins and one is 27 and the other is 28 😀
2 Birthday parties till now…details later:D…I love birthday thingies.
KISSES….KISSES…AND MORE KISSES…to everyone who called, smsed, sent an e-greeting…and left a lovely BD comment…..I am a hell of lucky lucky lady.


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  1. Just for the records ;-P

    Happy Birthday ya gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel !!!!

    Kol 3aam wa anti illa Allahi aqrab 🙂

  2. I liked the sound of it.. Officially 28 on the the 28th.. it’s somehow significat 😀

    Enjoy all the parties :))

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  3. i am gonna be 24 on the 24th of june bardo, but anyway it’s not about me today

    Haby pirzday to u, haby pirzday to u, haby pirzday to u, haby pirzdaaay to you

    enzel ya gameel fel sa7a, wetmakhtar keda belra7a….

  4. Nermeena, sweetie … 7’alas it’s now official. so now we can go together and no one will think that one of us is lying :))
    Happy Birthday tani 🙂

  5. happy birthday to the both of you!
    hope you had a great day

  6. 28 ..
    i dunno why i was under the impression u were much younger …
    happy bd .

  7. Happy Birthday Sweetest nerro :o) xoxoxo

  8. Thanks a bunch made my day 😀
    Maxxed-out: maybe coz i look younger?? ;P weird…although I mentioned it in many posts b4? thanks anywayz dude…

  9. happy birthday ya nerro enjoy your birthday as much as you can

  10. happy bday babe

  11. NK: thanks a lot dear..I am 😀

    SM: are forgiven 😉

  12. i dun have the faintest clue what u look like … u dun have a display pic !
    u just sounded younger ..
    u’re too full of life for a 28 yrs old
    not that there’s anything wrong with it
    good for you !

  13. and maybe coz u say ” w keda .. ” a lot too ..hmm
    yeah ..

  14. i didnt know you had a twin sister!i always wonder how do being a twin feels like 🙂
    anyway, happy birthday to you both!

  15. Maxxed-out: I know you don’t have a clue how do I look like..hence the wink 😀 yet you will find a couple of them keda in the port said photos link in my last post.
    I don’t even feel that am 28…for me it is a #…

    Evo: begad?? I mentions her a lot. being a twin is super cool..and you can play people lel sob7…unfortunately we are not identical…but this didn’t stop us…we are using our identical VOICES 😉 thanks dear.

  16. happy birthday ya batouta 🙂 u deserve the best always 🙂

  17. Thanks ya berry 😀 kisses

  18. Opps .. I am a bad girl that I didn’t congratualte yet !! Sorry Ya Nerro I just didn’t know

    Happy Belated Birthday sweety :):) May the coming year brings you all the happiness

  19. You are not a bad girl wala 7aga ya :D…you are sweet aslan :D…thank you dear..wishing u all the best as well.

  20. Happy birthday, by the way Iam Gemini too 😉

  21. thank you..When is/was urs??

  22. ahem!

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