Quick LOOONG Weekend Review

Yep…I treated myself to a long weekend…not only 3ashan am the BIRTHDAY GIRL, but also..coz I figured I would be tired after the Port-Saied trip….fa what’s the point of being super exhausted in my BD!! there is no point.

– I parked in front of a nice bldg…with lots of flags around…yeb2a howa da sonesta..right?? la2…wrong. Never thought this would happen to me…I missed Sonesta?? I spent more than 20 minutes in a wrong place….which I thought it is the right meeting point for the trip…I didn’t even thought about looking at the sign :D…I miraculously made it to the right one though.

Port Saied day was AWESOME…very long walks in an extremely hot day…doesn’t sound cool keda…bas walahi…it was fun..
Lots of seafood….for me it was all about shrimps…shrimps…shrimps…and some “roz a7mar law sama7t” :D.
We took “me3adaya”..to Port-Fouad…I love…love…loved it..the architecture there blew my mind…we walked…some took cabs..3ashan they were mefasfaseen and fatsaneen…can’t blame them ya3ni :D…then back to Port-Said…some went shopping..and we had a nice rest @ a cafe keda…till I realized eno they are having a surprise birthday thingie :D…found that sweet and warm..

– Needless to talk about yesterday πŸ˜€

– A friend missed my BD….fa this morning he said eno he wants to make it up w keda…fa since eno I don’t want to forgive him…mesh 3ashan 7aga…but once upon a time πŸ˜€ lol 7adouta…la2 seriously..he once gave me a 23 mins lecture about the importance of BDs in his life..and how he hates missing friends BDs w 7arakat….anywayz…people bound to forget things…bas since eno I can’t let him get away with it…fa I said if he managed to get me one of those cotton candy things in a straw…neither the ones in blue and pink bags..nor the ones in tins w keda…he will be forgiven :D….and tab3an he won’t find…

TBC after the meeting πŸ˜€

– The meeting was nothing more than another party :)) I really like the idea of being treated as a royality for 3 consecutive days…I feel pampered.

– Finally managed to get done with the Mahmoud Khalil article…don’t really like it…there is something missing…but I just don’t know, what could it be..

– I am still in the hype…and kinda don’t want to get out of it :D…it is cool..

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  1. cotton candy on a straw? you’re tough on (M) but he had it coming, anybody who give 23 mins lectures on birthdays has got to pay for his actions πŸ™‚

    glad u enjoyed the trip

  2. i’ve had a few bad experiences with gemini’s bas that was mainly because they were bad people, can’t blame it on the poor star sign

  3. Exactly ya Kareem..he has to pay for his actions :D..
    ah 7aram..plus Geminis aslan are so much fun and lively keda.

  4. so happy that you enjoyed your BD weekend:)
    Cotton candy on a straw! Never though it is that difficult. I thought that there are lots of these machines in Shooting Club. Maybe that was ong time ago wana mosh daryana.

  5. thanks ya cookie..It is tough to find one like this ya Wonderer…they are bekh…

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