Creative Writing Courses

Do you know any place here in Cairo that offers creative writing courses????

Published in: on May 30, 2006 at 10:45 am  Comments (18)  

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  1. Yaaah Ya Nerro .. I have been asking this question for ages and I never got an answer !!

    If you ever knew .. Just tell me .. I am in

  2. Apparently we are talking rocket science ya Dido 😀 !!!!…will keep you posted.

  3. did you try the AUC?
    I guess not, but just give it a try.

  4. I hope when you find one, you tell us about it, because we really would like to have such courses too. Thanks.

  5. Wonderer: Tried the AUC..they have a loooong writing program…but not what I want.
    Basma: I sure will

  6. can I give you private lesson ya nerro :))) I was looking for such courses too. but as long as no one give maybe we should make our own .

  7. 😀 cool..fekra bardo…we can get SOO creative then.

  8. Why not try distance learning?! Take a look at

    You may also ask google for other options: +creative-writing +distance-learning

    Good luck

  9. also you may try ma3had el fonoon el masra7eya
    they organize such courses every now and then

  10. gatli fekra…fi gam3eyyet derasat we tadreeb el fera2 el masra7ya el 7orra…they have writing courses…eb2i fakarini adini el details

  11. Tayeb ya Hadouta … ehna mestaneyeen el details !

  12. Well Nerro ,the only clear one is the AUC course ,actually I heard that there’s another place called Egyptian American Center that offers courses in the same field but they only located in Alexandria and Port Saied ,but you can try the following places: British Council ,Ein Shams Univ.

    I also remember reading in an old issue of monthly magazine(Community Times maybe) an Ad that was offering creative writing courses in Cairo ,will try to dig for the issue among the crates of old magazines!

  13. you can check with IMI , http://www.imiegypt,com

    there are professional report writing nd effective business writing courses.

    But their courses are quite short and expensive… I will try to take one on the work’s account

  14. i am currently searching for creative writing classes. Did you end up finding any good ones here in cairo?!?!


  15. Kotob Khan offered a creative writing workshop in arabic back then. I believe they will announce a new one sometime soon

  16. Hello Reem and Nerro, I am currently searching as well, kotob khan has nothing advertised, and I sent an inquiry about any future plans but haven’t got a reply, so any other suggestions????

  17. Hi sa7ar,
    they actually advertised a couple of workshops in the past month:
    one for “rewaya” novel writing; conducted by Yasser Abdel Latif
    another one for humor writing conducted by Omer Taher. Maybe you need to call/email karam directly.

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