Up @ 2 am…why not update my blog?!!

Since there is nothing else to be done right here right now…so…time for updates…

– Kinda lagging and drowsy…yet…can’t get myself to sleep for a long time…is there anything like seasonal insomnia?? :D…am serious…what’s it with this time of the year…no matter where am located…It is just I can’t sleep….I know am not a summer person at all…yet…it is killing me..I am mesanta7a most of the time….I respond slowly…whatever..I wish this long month of June & July come to an end ba2a..”I consider June and July one long month”…they are almost the same pronounciation in arabic…too hot..and they last forever….fa there is no point of misleading people…and giving them 2 different names…

– Had a very pleasant walk @ Seyyoufeya St. on Saturday “was too hot for such a walk I know”..yet I had a blast…my initial destination was Prince Taz renovated palace..nevertheless,I wasn’t able to resist going back to the Mawlaweya Complex and stand in the main hall where they used to practice their rituals for a while…there is something about this hall….it is so…spiritually stimulating if I may say.
Then started my tour at the spectacular palace..here are a few photos to get a feel of the place…it is a must visit. When the cool dude who was showing me around knew that am into photography w keda..he informed me eno there will be a Brazilian Photography Exhibit starts tomorrow…fa I told him…I won’t be able to make it…fa he sneaked me in :D…
Emi, was the only person in mind during the walk ;D….can’t forget when the Security guy @ the Baron Palace was gazing at both of us while handing out our ID’s…and was like “what were these 2 loonies doing for 2+ hrs inside this desolated bldg”…we heard the last few words bas…without the loonies thing though 😀 ..wasn’t our only one…a few morning days out followed 😀

* I had this conversation while downloading the photos
Roomie “American female”: what are u busy doing?
Me: downloading photos.
Roomie: photos of?
Me: Prince Taz Palace
Roomie: OH…sweet lord…Nermeen…I know your addiction to cartoons and stuff…but honey…you started giving ur favourite ones titles…and assign them royal properties!!!
Me: “wasn’t able to talk…coz I was literally laughing my head out..I didn’t see this coming”
Roomie: babe..u gotta seek professional help
Me: You freak..I didn’t lose my mind yet…you know I still have a little part sticking up there..go look it up…and find out..who is prince taz 😀
Roomie: Is there a prince taz?? real one??
Me: turn on ur computer..and look it up.
“I played the lady a lot before..so I can’t really blame her :D”

– Me sleepy…

“We all want to fall in love. Why? Because we feel that experience makes us feel completely alive. Where every sense is heightened, every emotion is magnified, everyday reality is shattered and we are flung into the heavens…It may only last a moment, an hour, an afternoon, but that doesn’t diminish it’s value, because we are left with memories that will last us the rest of our lives”.
(The Mirror Has Two Faces, a beautiful Barbra Streisand movie)

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  1. i loved your 5 kisses story, and i’m not about to offer help, i was in the same position 7 years ago.

    as for the being superficial part, you missed my point nerro, i wrote my post as an appology to “one of my favorite bloggers” and i didn’t link to “her” for that same reason, didn’t want people to read her with my opinion, you got my point? i would never forget the inside that i used to read about, it’s just that seeing her photo after reading and loving what i read came as a shock to ME, it made me realize (for the second time in my life) that i judge people too soon, but once an opinion has been made about the inside then the looks don’t matter, they are just a FRAME for a cool character.

    my point in the post was that i am wrong, i said in the end that i hope i can do so in real life, bas keda

    i just thought that this certain blogger sounded younger, more full of energy and more into herself than what she looked. that’s not a bad thing, it’s better than saying she sounds boring and dull but she has a great body, sa7?

  2. Sa7 ya Kareem..but get back to the post..I think you would have wrote it in a better or let me say positive way that wouldn’t hurt the blogger herself..sa7??

  3. “We all want to fall in love” but everytime i do that i got so hurt that i hate myself being that easy and pure.. should i be more fierce or may be more playful..!!

    bs every time.. i just say a BIG TOZ.. i know i’ll meet that pure, kind hearted sweetheart..!!

    am i nerro!!

  4. nawarty my blog ya nermeena.. check my comment there b2a ;o)

  5. Nerro, the movie quote is very true.

  6. Ricoh: Mabrook for your new blog…you will isa sweetie…one day it will happen…bas asl what you are looking for is kinda impossible..ma3lesh :D…da fel aflam bas.

    Moon: I am so in love with this quote aslan..I love the whole movie kaman

  7. yaay! i can comment 😉
    I love the new color of your blog, so relaxing. I used to think that wordpress is just about white colorless blogs..
    btw, the mirror has two faces is one of my favorite smile-drawing movies 🙂

  8. Since I visisted the palace last Saturday, I saw your photos again b tarkeez ba2ah 🙂
    These are powerful shots:

    3aizeen ne3mel ma3rad ba2ah

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