Physically and Emotionally unbalanced

Don’t know why exactly…but don’t mind blaming it on the antiallergic tablets that I’ve been on for a while now….seriously it is driving me crazy…neither sleepy…nor fully up and running…just blank….sooo drained..don’t have enough energy to do anything.

Things at work were quite crazy the past few weeks…with ………………………..and……………….too many fish to fry…well…exterminate the pond!! I tend to be a bit violent under  pressure 😀 I really need some rest.  Decided to relax and enjoy some good time at home this weekend..and that was all about it…not used to it..yet needed it the most. 

We had a sort of a family gathering at our place…and after lunch…my 12 yrs old cousin…was trying to explain to her father..el howa my uncle…the advantages of a video i-pod…and how careless she is that…she really won’t be able to do with a nano one…it was really funny…coz he was like…then you gotta do with your current  big one … are really having fun these days…

Remember when I was young….The Atari thingie “play station primitive version type of thing”..and lucky  was   the one who owns “Computer Sakhr”..that’s what we used to call it…Hesham “cousin” was the first to have it…and mannnnnnn..the guy was super mean back then :D…it was like you gotta take his permission..before your sick mind magnifies the idea of touching the keyboard mathalan…or if you are lucky…and he is into you right at the moment…you can watch him 😀

Don’t know why I recalled a real bad childhood memory :D…back then there were all kinds of music, songs, and tales on tapes for kids…and parents never failed to update us with such things….among those tapes…there was one about Bella the Gorilla..a story narrated by Fouad El Mohandess about this gorilla on one side…and Fawazeer songs on the other.

Sister, cousins, and others used to find this gorilla story cute and warm…but I never hated something as I hated this Gorilla…never sympathized with her….when this part about her drowning during mesh fakra a storm or something…I used to see tears in people’s eyes…but for me…it was like…this is freaky…a freaky creature…under super catastrophic circumstances.. where is the kids part here??     where is the fun part ?? what is it that am missing?? think mom might be keeping this tape somewhere…maybe I will listen to it…from an adult standpoint…and figure out what would make a wet freaky gorilla kids heartthrob!!!

”  At the temple there is a poem called “Loss” carved into the stone.
It has three words.
But the poet has scratched them out.
You cannot read “Loss”
Only feel it”.

It is almost 2:30 am, I am watching catch me if you can…and listening to Jack Nicholson singing “la vie en rose”…from something’s gotta give the movie…delightful one..

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  1. I didn’t hear this Gorilla tale before but I used to think the same about Snow-White whose her mom (or step mom in some versions) ate her lungs and kept on trying to kill her cause this little girl was more pretty than her!!..Is it a tale moms should tell to their babies!!

    You know, I had a cousin like yours..he used to have Sakhr PC and we were count him one of the few genius in the whole world but we did not ever have the courage to touch this gerniuses’ device:)

    “I like this quote from memoir of a geisha”

  2. Hi Nermeen, Congratulations on your new blogs website, it is so much wonderful, god helps you always. Ahmed Ebeid

  3. Physically and Emotionally unbalanced!!!!
    I guess it has nothing to do with your tablets, it is something in the air.

  4. BTW, how can I delete my comment (if I ever wanted) in this new site?!

  5. I don’t think you can delete it…not sure though..

  6. Physically and Emotionally unbalanced… what a headline sweetie!! is it in air as wonderer just said!
    anyways.. congratulation for ur elegant blog babe.. sorry for not replying ur email.. the last couple of days were really *$&@$ !

  7. Will always enjoy the reading!

  8. Aladdin: thanks.. long time no C 😀

  9. Fine way of explaining, and good post to get facts regarding my presentation subject,
    which i am going to present in college.

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