Work related issues++

Current boss has an issue with the x-boss…not work related, but it is sorta personal/social…the other one..was more into his staff…therefore..they were more into him.  But this one is like so nice..yet not into people awi…he is only close to me and another AN…fa he suffers shwaya.This morning Magued asked me to sent him K’s “x-boss” e-mail address…fa I did…but the stupid me sent it to “current boss”… biggie I know..but he is sensitive towards K…and I wasn’t really ready to go over social/personal conversations at the time…but..anywayz…it happened..he came and asked me about it..and I told him eno he is the wrong recipient.  Here the ground was ready for couch time…and I was like…no…not now.  But I was really lucky he started and went further…couldn’t do anything but listen “not for a long time though”…I managed to jump to a very dear topic to his heart 😉 “my job description”….that was it…end of discussion. Na na na na na na

Job description issue is as simple as…I want one that reflects my current real duties..not the hypothetical one in files. It is neither a raise nor a promotion…it is just paper work…boss hates this issue…3ashan he feels guilty…he feels eno I deserve a promotion…but there is no where to accommodate it in our proposal!!! Mmmmm…spell acknowledgement!!

Couch potatoes: a guys world-cup related syndrome….beware..ladies might get caught in the hype as well.  It hit me when I was talking with a friend last Thursday..and he wanted me to go watch a movie with them and cancel my arrangements…coz he won’t be able to see me for a long time..fa I was like “ha?? Are u traveling wala eih?”…fa he said eno …it is the world cup w bta3 and I will be busy working_and_watching the games…am like..mmm..ahhh…!! rest is easily to figure

* I don’t lisp…I just do it in occasions…like…when I am so happy…mehayessa…or so frustrated and wanna show someone that I don’t like what he/she is saying in a nice way..depends on the tone…

The cool thing about being with a partner/ that you may do/say the most stupid things in the world and get away with it…it is taken for granted…be silly and they might think it is cute…okk..not to that extent…but they won’t fuss about it…coz it is you who did it…I miss being with SOMEONE….not someone in particular..but with just one person…not lots of friends…”no comments re. this bullet please” 

Don’t know what’s what with the wink…I know he winks out of being friendly..2al ya3ni…he is cool and stuff…tried to explain that it is not really cool..and he is old “well I put it in a more politically correct manners..but can’t recall exactly right now”..and he might be misunderstood w keda.  It happened again…with a guy from the clinic…ewww…I was laughing though..the guy was totally freaked out..and he was like…what??? I can tell he was really scared.

Which reminds me of a sorta similar sitiuation/conversation with a nice lady who used to harrasse someone else with her why aren’t u married/dating type of questions..

a: you are still not seeing anyone?


a:look at urself, you should, you know how old are you?

b: “kinda fed up and about to kill the lady” what if am not into guys, “turned and looked to her in the eye”…u know what I mean “wink”.

Turned out to be an effective solution though ;D

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  1. does is has any relation whatsoever with C++? (ok that was a silly geek joke :P).. anyways.. well Egyptian not-into-guys females (using your nomenclature) can now be verified through their MySpace!

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