If your love cannot BE moved

you can’t give up all and then take back all you give
you can’t live to die but you can die to live
or is that too much to ask of the you in you?
put a face to your somebody

can you say your name?
or would you rather stay unknown?
can you show your face?
or are you fearful of it shown?
can you feel your heart?
or does it beat for you alone?
lift your glass up high
say that your truth will never lie
if your love cannot be moved

                                    “Stevie Wonder & Kim Burrell, from his A time to love album”

It is a beautiful lazy morning at home “God…I love that”..not always..I can’t take it much….I just love doing it for a change….eating, reading papers, checking e-mails, and watching morning shows (CBS morning news, jeopardy, wheel of fortune, 20/20…Martha and the naked chef will be there soon “I get that cheesy sometimes”…no good movies!!!).., the only thing I am missing in this miraculous atmosphere is a cheese cake….a real good one. 

Karam called…and she was like freaked out…she didn’t find the old blog….and tried to call me but the phone was off :D…she thought I’ve been detained or something…I was like am the last blogger to be detained…I am not in the list aslan.

Speaking of Karam and the kotobkhan…am thinking of having a page dedicated to the Kotobkhan here…i update it…and put news, offers, new releases w keda….until her website is completely up and running…how is that?!!! 

Had another idea while writing this…why don’t we have like a bi-weekly book discussion there?!! won’t that be cool…she won’t mind I know…we pick a good book…read it…and go discuss it together!!!

 Time for a little nap,


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  1. Nermeena, I love ur suggestions about kotobkhan, very interesting 🙂

  2. I like the idea too.

  3. hey i’ve been craving for a cheesecake here for ages now !!!!
    the so-called-cheesecake here tastes like sthg a carpenter on crack would make !
    u know who makes the BEST cheesecake ???
    Les Dames !
    u know that one ne7yet nady el shams !
    u’re in Masr El Gedida no ?!

  4. just a Q
    why don’t u have a link to this blog where the old one used to be ?

  5. Girls: she is thinking of a book club…we are gonna have fun 😀

    Maxxed out: talk about telepathy..that’s exactly what I did last night….bought a cheescake from Les Dames the one ne7yet nady el shams :D…
    AS for ur question..I deleted the old blog after moving the archives to this one.

  6. Dear Nermine,

    Maybe you do not know this before…. but I always like you between Al Kotob Khan, its opening and you…. you were the one who took efforts and tourbles to take photos of the place when it was softly opening…. and you had on the blog and many of your readers did read and came to the official opening and when I asked who they knew about it… it was you and your blog… Nerro….

    Why I am writing you this now… it is becauase I just saw your blog attached here above and I recalled when I called you and I was owrried about you…. then I read about the idea of having a bi weekly book discussion…. Nermine, I am for the idea…. and you knwo it is your bookshop and you are wlecome all the time… guys… again… lets open the discussion here and agree on main lines….. biweekly… a book….. we need to agree on some lines….. I was thinking of same idea but it is read from a book … so lets see how the discussion would lead us….


  7. Nermine, please read…link you not like you (of course I adore you) I mean I link between you and Al Kotob Khan…

  8. Karam,reading those lines made me so happy, you know how much i like El Kotob Khan, and if it wasn’t u, ur passion, devotion, and enthusaism, things would have been different. And what I did was way far from trouble and all that…it was so much fun, I wanted everyone to know about ur dream and enjoy sharing it with you.
    As for the book discussion…I love the “read from a book” idea so much, will revive the conversation and see the feedback…and we can start off after Ramadan…
    Thanks for your sweet words ya Kiro 😀

  9. I don’t know why they matched my blog to yours. But I wanted to say hi.


  10. I enjoyed your photos.

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