I am so nauseatingly neutral these days…I hate me when I am that neutral…why?? coz being neutral is like being dull keda….am neither anti…nor pro….not malicious or aggraveted…it is a silly phase..that am going thru. I have an easy way to go out of it…which is start a real ugly discussion with a someone with a very loud voice…but I don’t wanna do that…the silence policy is working fine and driving her real nuts…fa cool.  I am not always mean..but I have too sometimes.



The Chaos Theory: a thought instigated by the butterfly effect “the movie”.

In mathematics and physics, chaos theory describes the behavior of certain nonlinear dynamical systems that under certain conditions exhibit a phenomenon known as chaos. Among the characteristics of chaotic systems, described below, is sensitivity to initial conditions (popularly referred to as the butterfly effect). As a result of this sensitivity, the behavior of systems that exhibit chaos appears to be random, even though the system is deterministic in the sense that it is well defined and contains no random parameters. Examples of such systems include the atmosphere, the solar system, plate tectonics, turbulent fluids, economics, and population growth.

Systems that exhibit mathematical chaos are deterministic and thus orderly in some sense; this technical use of the word chaos is at odds with common parlance, which suggests complete disorder. (See the article on mythological chaos for a discussion of the origin of the word in mythology, and other uses.) A related field of physics called quantum chaos theory studies non-deterministic systems that follow the laws of quantum mechanics. “Wikipedia”

Ok….here is another interpretation from “Uncyclopedia”

The Universe is a pretty big place, and if you just leave matter laying around you never know what’s going to happen. For example; given enough time, there may yet be an intelligent leader in the United States. Random stuff is always going to happen, so just chill out and smoke a doob. In fact, scientists are too busy to care about what randomness is all about, so they came up with the catchy new-age antiestablisharianologisocialistomorphosed term of ‘Chaos Theory’.

Scientists claim that there is no real way of predicting when something random will, will not, or may, or in fact may not occur. The only rational defense against randominity was developed by Albert Einstein in the late 1950s after his plate ran away with the spoon. After his initial surprise, he came up with a solution by using the following phrase:


Widely regarded as the most intelligent phrase in history, this is the only known method of dealing with chaos and randomness.

*I tend to like the last one better…not for anything other than that the word “mathematics” is not there…asl..am phobic to mathematics…we never managed to get over our old issues “primary 2 related issues as a matter of fact” and be good friends. Although…we ‘ve been through the “we gotta do it..like it or not” phase…yet…had an ugly goodbye..I barely have anything in mind that reminds me with “Math” ;D..what was it all about??? ;p

The Dollar Store

Sometimes I feel like am one of those dollar stores..I have/offer lots of things…for a dollar of less…however, I don’t take the dollar. 

A more domestic example..would be the “kol 7aga berob3 gneih” guy…and will end up not taking the rob3 gneih bardo…only that..I don’t like the sound of it…I mean…I won’t even take the rob3 gneih!!! imagine?!!!

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  1. According to Mathematics, there is order in Chaos. In fact, the theory of Chaos comes down to Statistics. Everything within chaos came be predicted statistically. hence the theory of quantum mechanics… Not that I would know anything about it

  2. bossy ya setti,
    New Latin, from Greek pyressein to be feverish, from pyretos
    meaning: abnormal elevation of body temperature (FEVER)
    – py·rex·i·al adjective
    – py·rex·ic adjective
    ay ‘7edma:)

  3. bossy ya setti,
    New Latin, from Greek pyressein to be feverish, from pyretos
    meaning: abnormal elevation of body temperature (FEVER)
    – py·rex·i·al adjective
    – py·rex·ic adjective
    ay ‘7edma:)

  4. Herlock: dana bakhaf men el kalb yetla3li asad…quantum mechanics?!!!

    Anonymous a.k.a. wonderer: thank youuuu…thank youuuu..bas meen fina el sophisticated wenabi??

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