– Today I realized that I sometimes “lots of times” mentions things here..and don’t mention them to people…and when time comes to refer to these certain events…people go like…what are u talking about?? and am like remember this story I told u about so and so…fa they are like no…u didn’t…and am like..come on…I did.  Healthy?? who cares…as long as am enjoying it khalas.

– Hurghada: well, I was in a volunteer assignment…and it didn’t go so well, I was there coz I wanted to participate as I thought it is a unique event in Egypt..and I would love to be part of it…and since I didn’t have except 2 days off..el homa el weekend…fa I volunteered my time.  What happened there is that…I took it too serious..and the coordinators/organizers…were like aho…we are waiting for the approvals w keda…my personal opinion is that..if you are working in the ME and know the nature of the country you are helding such a big event in…you should ‘ve got all ur permits/approvals ahead of time…and believe it or not…. a day before the not ahead of time…no?? unfortunately that’s how I precieve things. I found that a bit amateurish….

Another thing happened with the coordinator that I didn’t like…and maybe I was a bit prejudiced against her for that…I don’t wanna talk about it…bas kaman…it was another unprofessional move from her side. 

– I had fun in my way back to cairo….the idea of sitting just beside a squeaky emergency exit wasn’t really a very good one….but eshta….there was a very nice lady sitting beside me…she started a conversation as she was a bit freaked out….fa I played along.  We had a very nice talk…about family, friends, work, hurghada…etc…but she blew me away when she asked me …”twins turn into cats during night..mesh keda???”  I didn’t see this question coming…I told her.. yeah…but I don’t know why am I late tonight…we  usually start the transformation process directly after sunset..maybe coz u know about it!!!people shouldn’t know that. How did u know? she replied eno her grandma…told her but she never believed her. 

I thought eno I should stop as the girl’s eyes widened…and I thought she is really gonna pass out. but she started pointing to her forehead…saying…”see…I knew it..I never knew from where I got this scar…but now…I am positive it is my cousin  who had a twin brother” I was like “she hit you!!”..she nodded negatively “no… it’s her claws”…..

Nate Berkus has revealed her “Horrifying Secret” to Lady O tonight….which is eih ba2a??the poor guy has 2 aggressive dogs….he and the respective lady described the dogs shameful behaviour/ attitude towards other dogs and people as “humiliating”….ya 7araaaaaam…it was an issue for the guy. for a reason I wasn’t ready to sympathize with him, her, or their dogs…wonder why??

“For you a thousand times over”

                                           The Kite Runner

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  1. Twins turn to cats at night?!!! mmmmm strange, I always thought that twins turn to swans by sunset, I once noticed a feather on your forehead that remained from the transformation process.
    I have a similar story of strange/naive people like this woman, remind me to tell you about it in private.


    Concerning W, ma3lish, trying calling him again. You said that guy is nice and maybe he is angry out of el 3asham. ‘7aliki enty el kebeera:)

  2. Lol…Swans are cool bardo..elegant keda w 7arakat…I would go for them rather than cats. Some people are really interesting 😉

    W called and he didn’t mention anything about the outing…and I didn’t as well. Still you know..I usually like to hit my point and get over with…don’t like nafsana men ta7t l ta7t w keda. Bas eshta…he was real nice as if nothing happened ya3ni..fa why bother??

  3. Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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