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?: .u know I …………………but……..can u…….try to….though…….sounds like……………I wish I…..dadadadadadaaddadaadda

? : Now who’s the sexy genius?!!

??: Russell Crowe!!

It hit me this morning while walking to a nearby store….I haven’t seen my car for more than a week now?? What?? The last time I drove was to the bus station last Thursday!!! Wow…that means eno I didn’t go out last week at all.  That’s pretty much true…I didn’t!!! Now that’s weird…for someone like myself it is almost impossible.  But what happened is since I came back from Hurghada…the routine was like go to work….come back home…family chat…read myself to sleep. 

More surprisingly…I don’t want to go out….am enjoying this routine…weird?? I can pretty much categorize this under a really hot June syndrome…or that’s the way I like to perceive it.  Here is the weekend….and I wanted to go watch movies…but I am like reading…watching tv…and don’t want to go out.   But since I missed my little red ka3boora car..”I love my car”…fa decided to drive to a not very nearby store and get whatever I was looking for.  Dancing queen…u can dance…u can jive…?!!!!! That’s what came out of my cassette after starting the engine…tell me it wasn’t a jolly drive :D…it really was.  Due prayers here for God who created science and scientists whom subsequently invented ACs.

Been debating the idea of going back to school for a while now…and I will ISA…aiming for a degree in Mass-communication…will start doing the paper work….and start this fall ISA….wish me luck :D…

Sister reminded me this morning of my old hobby of playing with cards…yeah..not playing cards….I mean what am saying.  Usually people play cards…but as a kid I liked playing with them…build homes…more like compounds that would accommodate lots of families and imagine who would live there…sounds silly…but I used to build nice compounds…they were really something ya3ni :D…that was way before I had my Lego…I would spend hours constructing different things…and never get bored.   The one who taught me how to build these units was Auntie Amal “back then”…now I believe she would kill herself if I called her Auntie…she was an Iraqi Eng. student…I used to like her….I loved the fancy stationary she used to buy for me and my sister…I loved when she used to let me do her make-up 😀 “don’t try to visualize that…catastrophe”….I loved staying with her and her Moroccan, Saudi, and Palestinian friends.  They were fun…although way older than me…but I used to have fun around them.   Can’t forget Linda “the Palestinian bride”…God…I ‘ve never seen such a happy bride in my whole life…everyone was willingly helping her with the dress…veil, invitations…and all the wedding details. Her mother was doing the dress…and I remember that she asked everyone to come and sew a piece of it…or do some beads in the bride’s dress “for good luck”.  How would I ever forget these days!!!

I remember the first time I got introduced to the difference between Shiite and Sunni muslims…as I had to deal with that….now I can tell how much I really admire the way my mom did it.

I remember the curfew…remember the one after the “Amn Markazi” demos back in the 80’s…..I remember every single incident that happened  as if it was yesterday…I remember sitting  in front of Amal’s ground floor big window watching soldiers moving and waving…..tanks in our Midan.  Grandpa was in the hospital…and I was crying as I was afraid… mom was supposed to come before the curfew…but it happened that she didn’t manage to….I was afraid that she might be taken in one of those huge blue cages…that I saw people overstuffed in from the window. Dad was serving in Saloum or Sinai…can’t remember exactly…but I remember I wished he wasn’t serving in the military…as a child I thought my papa’s job was keeping him away from me.

Our next door neighbor is a nice Syrian lady, ground floor is a big Saudi Family, they come as a family during vacations…otherwise…the apartment is for any of the kids who wants to resume his/her studies in “Om El Donia” as Aunti Baheya “the Saudi mother” would put it.  The deserted apartment above us if for a Qatari family..2 sisters and a brother “that was”…now the few times they come to visit…it is more like an invasion.

Right above them….was the beautiful Egyptian cheerful lady from Mansoura….Auntie Nana”Allah yer7amha”….she died a few months after the October earthquake….not of the earthquake…but of some tumor..don’t know the details as I never asked.  She used to call me Riri…now if someone called me Riri…I would bite him/her…but she was to say anything or everything.  I would take whatever she is saying/doing.  Witty, sharp, kind “fala7a” as she used to proudly describe herself,  I used to love her “roz belaban”…although am an not a huge fan of  any dairy related food….and I literally don’t eat roz belaban….AT ALL…but I ate hers….it was different…she was different.

I’ve been mumbling for quite sometime now…apparently some wires are coming loose in my head.

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  1. Loved this post ya Nerro…your memories of your “Auntie friends” really moved me … I’ve also been quite nostalgic lately and longing for the atmosphere of varied cultures… took it for granted as a child and now I realise how much I enjoyed it…

  2. I guess it is not only about enjoying these good old days ya Me..we were quite lucky as well.

  3. Looks like you were living in “gam3et el dowal el 3arabia”:) I never got across other Arabic Nationalities excpet when I left Egypt.
    I loved the post, very emotional.

  4. i can imagine u while writing this touching post ya nermeena.. do u know what.. i love my memories and used to go back and recall them when i feel lonely or sad to remind myself that i once had such happy memories.. i hope i had such innocent feelings again ! :o)

  5. Wonderer: apparently ah :D…
    Ricoh: memories are cool…wishing u happiness.

  6. Very weird, I lived all what u wrote about but I have never thought about it this way, the post was emotional, intense and beautiful ya Noory.
    Sweet memories !

  7. Expected ya NOuni..ana 3amiqa y2olek…;)

  8. I add my voice to those who loved your post ya Nermeena.. a lovely one..

  9. thanks ya Moon 😀

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