Superman Mania

Now what?? what is the deal with the superman movie…seriously ya3ni…what’s so appealing about it….…give me one reason that would make me go watch a movie about a guy roaming around allegedly helping people in a blue tight suit and red pants.

Published in: on July 2, 2006 at 2:10 pm  Comments (13)  

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  1. Super heros are very appealing to children, I used to like these characters when I was young and as I grew older they remind me of the movies I used to see when I was little. may be that’s why.
    Another reason is the imagination… I like to feel there is no limit that my mind or eyes can reach, it’s liberating.
    Most of all, it’t the temptation to see the good beating evil, it’s satisfactory even though it’s fake.

  2. Nermeena, I totally agree.
    Sorry ya Nesreena:)

  3. You two …
    I just got 2 invitations for tomorrow’s premier at stars … yay 😛
    Ana masdooma feeko ya Juka enti we Nerro 😦

  4. Way to go ya juka 😉
    Ya Nesrina ya 7abebti…I told you before I would come along mafish mashakel…but you don’t have to be shocked 3ashan there is nothing new about this.

  5. I would go only if the movie is starring Cristopher Reeves allah yer7amou:)

  6. he can fly, need i say more

  7. Wonderer: allah yer7amo ba2a…ezkoro ma7asen mawtakom 😉 da howa da asas el moshkela.

    Askandarani: hell..yeah…a bee can fly “with all my respect to bees as they are very productive and energetic”!!!!

  8. Wallahy ya nerro tel3 7elw,and it’d be great just if that superman quit flying..but to be frank the most I enjoyed in the premier was the mini-sandwitches (I was starving)!!

  9. lol.. I love canapes….yeah..would probably make up for the movie 😀 glad u enjoyed ya juka.

  10. because the guy is good looking ya nerro, or because of the amazing, multi-talented, soon to surpass deniro and pacino, darker than evil itself kevin spacey as lex luther, he puts gene hackman to shame, it’s a win win situation. a good looking guy if you’re into superman, and if you’re not into superman you get to see his rear kicked by the coolest villian ever

  11. He is not really good looking ya Kareem “at least to me” ;D…

  12. la2 ba2a. el film we7sh gedan aslan. I hated it.
    I spent the last 30 minutes waiting for it to finish and I spent the time sarcasting about every scene and word. Bosi, it is for children, but I am not convinced it is a film for adults keda zayena, no offence ya3ni ay 7ad 3agbo 🙂

  13. superman is the hero just e a hero

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