The Texan Saba3 3omarat

I came to work yesterday to find boss in the office…was like..morning, happy ID “not as in beta2a sa3ida…I mean independence day”, what are you doing here? that didn’t sound really cute…spontaneous though ;). He replied eno he prefers to work as long as he won’t go anywhere and have it as a floater w keda.  Eshta…but that wasn’t pretty much the same scenario I had in my pretty little head in the morning while putting on my jean and a light shirt “dress code violation happy thought”.  mm…now what…gotta make the day..won’t let this little incident screw up my already intened to be a super cool day.  Asked R & M if they are into breafkast out…they liked the idea.  Then headed to J’s “boss” office and suggested a team building breakfast ;D…lol…see…I am being professional aho..he didn’t buy it though..weird..ha!!

Anywayz…in less than 10 minutes the 4 of us were sitting around a table in the open area of the ED….was cool…lots of interesting topics.  Until we reached the funniest one…Texans in our company…it is true…most of our ANs are Texans…R told J “boss”..eno there is a common joke that used to go around the company eno there must me a “saba3 3omarat” square fi Texas where NG send their pick-up vehicle whenever there is an opening fel ME 😀

– I am so disappointed…although I’ve singed a self pact mo7taram keda…few months ago..that I wont’ let people disappoint me.  Whatever they are up ready to take it..swallow it…hit them back in the face…but never gonna let it get into me.  But wooooow…what “K” did was beyond my understanding.  She really got me.  But hey..what doesn’t kill them..makes them strong…no?!!

Gooooooooood….Why am so wired today??

I am less agitated now…”his” sloppiness gets into me awi.  I love bees…and hate turtles.

Ok…let’s talk crushes…since the bad day I got to know that Tamer Hagras is married w ya3ool and am like…khalas…I can’t find an eligible bachelor to have a crush on…seriously..mafish 7ad.  For instance, Khaled Abul Naga…mm..nuh..won’t even take my chances..with the “g” rumor and everything.  Ayman Kaysouni…well, I like the guy..yet he befriended the lady from the comic show I used to like…but I don’t like her.  Ezz…lame shwaya!!  My favouirte guy on Earth GC…too old, Brad Pitt…he lost me for Ms. Jolie.  Matthew McNaughty though a real cool dude and broke up with Penelope Cruz..yet I find him bizzare.  Any suggestions?

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  1. انت مسخرة قوي يا نيرو
    begad you make us share the details of your day :):) cooooool begad .. Although sometimes am stuck with the initials and the abbreviations, trying hard, but still ok… if didn’t affect the whole story
    Then … Tamer Hagrass eh bass 7aram 3aleky :(:( he is too colourful for me…
    I vote for Mostafa Sha3ban – Egyptian side
    I STRONGLY vote for Matthew McConaughey – Foreigner side – Not Bizzare at all 😉
    Have a nice day sweety

  2. ala siret el mondial, there are some interesting crush-able players 🙂

  3. Dido 😀 I am glad u find this cool walahi…never thought it is..but u know..I find it healthy “to talk out loud w keda ya3ni”.
    As for the initials:
    ED: Euro Deli…it is a deli keda here in a Maadi..they serve very good breakfast.
    ANs: American Nationals
    NG: Northrop Grumman…the company I work for.
    Crushes ba2a: “lol” the guy is colorful fe3lan…Mostafa sha3ban is an option bardo ya Dido…mesh we7esh khaleth ;D McNaughtey is not bizzare at all?? you should ‘ve seen the Lady O interview with them…full of surprises bas cool :D..I add my vote to yours…

    Nihal: mmm…ahh…you should have told me earlier girl..I didn’t watch a single game…any chances in the final? ;D

  4. I heared that the Italians are worth the cheerleading 🙂

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