Just received the below e-mail from the Sandmonkey….

“Hey all,

Given our discussion yesterday, I figured I should put my money where my mouth is, and I contacted the Lebanese embassy and asked them how we can help. They informed me that they are open for donations, and sent me a Fax of the supplies that they need for the time being. The list is attached in arabic, and I did an english translation just in case. I already guilted my whole company into helping, and will be taking the stuff to the embassy on Thursday. I don’t know if you guys intend on having one big campaign or doing it individually, and it doesn’t either way. It doesn’t matter how you help, as long as you help.Here is the list:– Milk, Diaper

– Food for children

– Anti diarrhea antibiotics

– Anti fever medication, Pain killer (Analgesic)

– Fire fighting trucks

– Tents, Blankets, Sheets

– Canned beef

– Mortadella, Jam

– Adult medicine: Chronic diseases (Heart, Diabetics, Hyper Pensive, and others)

– Fire extinguisher different sizes

– Electric power generators # 220 Volts (5-10-20-30 KVA)

– Rice, Sugar

– Various grains

– Skin coetaneous coetaneous coetaneous diseases

– Anxiolytic

– Foam liquid to extinguish Fire

– Bulldozers

– Cranes

– Cooking tools (Kitchen tools).

– Serums

– Anti septic solutions, Surgical gloves

– Fire hose for fire trucks

– Kidney dialysis

– Cooling medical equipments
For monetary donations:

Bank account # 156156002 Bank MasrCheers,SM

Ha….ready…will probably deliver my stuff to him Wednesday…so, if anyone is willing to help but don’t have the time to deliver their donations…you can just e-mail me…and I can pick the stuff from Maadi, Nasr City, and Heliopolis.   

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  1. Great ya Nerro, I am very willing to participate and help even picking up the stuff with you.

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