Discovered that I missed documenting lots of things here the past few days…let me see if I can catch up with everything. I won’t I know…but will do my best.

First…due thanks…..everyone who dropped a line and offered help re. the firewall issue…I really appreciate it..I asked the guys here to open a few sites for me..and they promised to work it out…if not…Mo will take good care of me. 

Khaled “beta3 kollo”: one of the very few positive things I experienced lately…Khaled is the owner of a meduim size store @ one of the North Coast Villages…you can always call him for Water, fol and ta3meya, Kabab&kofta, pizzas and pastries…and above all “lo2met el 2adi bel sokar”…I have never had such tasty ones..they were awesome.  Not only he provides everything one might need…but being the only one serving several units…you would expect him to be such a greedy freak…who would typically rip you off and give you @#$#$#..but no…his prices were reasonable…and the quality of service and goods were exceptional. 

Outing: Wonderer, Juka, Nesrina, and myself…met last Sunday for lunch and movies…..Nesrina and Wonderer decided to eat the so called “guiltless” kind of stuff…”for whatever reason they had in mind”…thought Juka would order real food..but she ended up eating caeser salad!! that was odd…in comparsion to my platter.

Then we started thinking movies….ehm…ehm..I will spare myself going thru the embarrassing details of getting the tickets “ya wonderora ;D”…the movie “wa7ed men el nas” was cool and different yet too much blood…that was my only concern.

Work: Before my vacation had a long talk with boss…and to conclude ya3ni..he asked me to sit and revise my job description to reflect the current duties…then he will start working on the promotion….he mentioned something that I won’t be able to mention here…that stopped me from updating the JD…zat iz no cool :(((

Books: I am that type of person who would live in the atmosphere of whatever she reads…fa yesterday I realized that what am suffering from now might be the effect of “the good earth” on me…the novel is good but leaves you with a strange feeling of depression…the same effect of Steinbeck’s “of mice and men”. 

Productivity: BIG FAT ZERO….and I will blame it on summer…I don’t like summer…Winter ba2a….tab 3 months summer…w 3 months winter…”Autumn and spring are no longer valid options”.

Happy thought: tomorrow is THURSDAY 😀

LOL..I caught myself moving my finger around the edge of the keyboard to click on something “as if in a laptop”.

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  1. Walahi the outing was one of the coolest things that took place during the vacation.
    I had so much fun and enjoyed the guiltless meal :P, bas fee correction hena …wonderer didn’t have the guiltless meal, ma3lesh ya wonderora …lazem el dekka fel 7agat di 😀
    It was the first time to meet wonderer and I wasn’t surprised at all she is the same like her blog …very kind, sweet, friendly and funny from the first minute I felt she is an old friend that I used to have and we all got along so well.
    Many thanks for all of you girls, it was a wonderful day.

  2. Don’t remind me of the salad, was I crazy to be in Chili’s and order a ceaser salad??!!, why you didn’t stop me girls, I felt hunger once I entired the movie, and as I almost eat one a day and don’t ask me why, so I did not eat till the next day lunch.

    It was a very nice time although we didn’t have enough time to talk together, will do it again before wonderer leaves.

    Sorry about your promotion, my boss gave me 3&3 over 5&5 in my evaluation, am angry.

    Why “lo2met el ady” bel sokar not bel sharbat”?!:)

  3. I should have stopped myself from eating the guiltless meal too as I reached home starving and ate a lot after it as if it was an appetizer.
    we ba3dain lo2met el 2ady with sugar is more tasty 🙂

  4. Nerro,
    “I will spare myself going thru the embarrassing details of getting the tickets ya wonderora”
    Ok w ana 7astour 3aliki:))

    Thanks dear for the nice words *blush* walahy feelings are mutual:) I really enjoyed the outing very much and I hope to repeat it before I leave.

    As for the food…

    Juka: I envied you for the ceaser salad, at least it was a salad, 7agat tabi3ya ya3ni, lettuce and chicken. I paid 60 pounds to eat some raw zucchinis:) ma3lish ya nesreen with all due respect, the veggies were awful:)

    Nesreen: guiltless eh bas ya Nesreen ely fih rice and corn dah:))) BTW, I was hungry for the rest of the day. After I left you, I shared a chocolate cake with a friend and later when I went home I had a toast and cheese dinner. Maga3a be3eed 3anek:)))

    Nerro: walahy bravo 3aliki, you’re the only one who ate something decent, I enjoyed sharing your mashed potato:))

    Thank you all girls for coming, see you again soon isa:))

  5. Girls: why don’t you try to do something really crazy and wake up early on Friday and we go out for early breakfast fel Zamalek?? I know it won’t happen bas ya3ni…just give it a try keda.

    PS: a) at least we got tickets for 4 super annoying seats directly infront of the screen
    b) I was so happy eating my big nice meal…and watching you guyz complaining and whining about ur choices…it was hillarious.

  6. :(((

    I wish I were there girls , but u know ..

    Really hope to meet u , and Nerro, why didn’t u give them some advice about their choices u sound like the expert here 😛

  7. ‘Wa7ed Min El Nas’ has a lot of blood?! Begad?! I watched the trailer and ya3ni mafhemtesh ay 7aga 😀 Ana nazla Masr in 2 weeks insha2alla, so I’m planning on going to watch all the Egyptian movies! Nawya abat fel cinema, lol!

    Mola7za…is it me, wala did you notice that Karim Abdelaziz gained weight? I mean, while watching the trailer of ‘Wa7ed Min El Nas’ I was like, “hmm…puffy dude, hello!”

    Okay, erm…I’ll shush now…and oh, i refer to food that isn’t “salad and 2 peas for lunch” as ‘real food’ as well! LOL! Ya3ni mesh ma32oula el wa7ed ye3eesh 3ala a bowl of salad and a glass of water the whole day and say, “aywa, ana kedda ba3mel regime w 7akhess w 7ab2a Claudia Schiffer!” Okay, why’d I use her as an example?! Odd!

    I wasn’t thinking out loud wala 7aga :p *blushes* I’ll shush now :p Sorry I blabbed kteer! hehe

    Ciao bella!

  8. Rain: Wish you joined begad…would’ve been nice. As for the advice…walahi I did…but they didn’t listen 😀 yestahlo ba2a;)

    Sou: The trailer wasn’t aggressive at all…but the movie has some brutal scenes..
    As for your mola7za 🙂 yes the dude gained some weight..but this didn’t change the fact that I kept asking myself why I never included him in my list of crushes to be!!!
    Lol@ salad and 2 peas…bossi..I sometimes do them for a while to lose couple of kilos wala 7aga…but not when am out with cool friends w keda…the funny thing is you should ‘ve seen the people who were doing this kind of food….I mean….the fattest was like 55 or 56 kgs!!!!! Claudia Schiffer..odd fe3lan 😀
    😀 think out loud bera7tek…I like ur blaaas anywayz..and no need to shush urself up :D..

  9. sweets.. it seems i lost alot of fun up there.. would really like to join u soon even that i don’t really know but nermeena.. bs i know u all cute girls thru ur comments here fy beet el 3eela “nerro’s wordpress” .. i really feeel as if am going to beet el 3eela when i read nerro’s blog.. enjoy ya shabat :oD

    nerro.. my last last last newa.. i’ll begin HR Diploma by the of October bezn ALLAH as a start to change my career from admin to HR.. ed3eeely b2a.. and tell me ur ur opinion ..
    miss u alot sweets

  10. ah.. forgot to tell u about the movies thingie.. yesterday we went to city stars after work.. kolna keda kona almost 15 pxs.. the joke b2a. en all the movies were complete _kamel el 3addad ya pacha_ lool 7aga maskhara.. it ended up in sbarro.. it’s really tastey .. then we wento to lipstick.. bardo coool !!

  11. Cool ya Ricoh…am glad ur enjoying urself a bit these days. As for the HR diploma you know I am so into career development and change..go ahead…just make sure you don’t have a certificate w khalas..u know what I mean?? p.s: are u sure you wanna do HR..I mean…u sound more energetic and creative!!!

  12. Hi Nerro,
    Thursday is always a good Idea really 🙂
    & I do the same search on the keyboard of the desktop.
    It’s amazing how our brain get used to things so quickly 🙂

  13. It was one of those senior moments ya Tara…I get a lot them these days!!

  14. am all ears ya nerro.. any suggestions!! i thought of PR bs i really don’t know from where to start.. also i thought that HR is kinda new in Egypt.. so I’ll find more openings in more recognized and distinguished entity!!
    and yes.. as u said am energetic and creative.. that one of my friends used to call me “vivid girl.. calm down!” :o)

  15. It was a suggestion ya Ricoh..bas it depends on ur preferences and interests. Brain storm keda..and see what is that u like to do

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