From 18 April 2004 to 30 July 2006!!!


Update: “The Lebanese Red Cross said the airstrike in Qana, in which at least 34 children were killed, pushed the overall Lebanese death toll to more than 500″


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  1. When this kind of crude actions done and our people keep their patience, I see the victory coming on the horizon , just one more step

  2. 7asbona Allah wane3ma Al wakeel.

  3. قالها الله عز وجل “ألا أن حزب الله هم الغالبون”
    I mean gathering and being one will do alot.. but unfortunately we’re not .. :’o( and just as nessrina said.. 7asbona Allah ne3ma el wakeel.

  4. 7asbia Allah wa ne3ma el wakeel
    shahad shahed men ahleha…

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